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NOOOOOOO....... no no no no *shakes my head in denile* nope nope nope I can't handle any more handsome, sexy, untouchable, korean men in my life. I already have VIXX, B2ST, BTS, Bigbang, and EXO in my mind, I don't need anymore. nope nope NOPE 😂😂😂
I loved his red hair too its just everything else about the photo lol. He shouldn't even have to be photoshopped tbh. He looks hot enough with his own body
Uhhh sorry to let everyone down but you guys know this is photoshopped right? Lol I've seen all three of these guys in dramas and they look nothing like this xD
I need to see this
@CreeTheOtaku watch White Christmas they all come out in that drama 😍
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