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Meet Scar the Cholo. Scar is one of the stars of mitú's YouTube channel that's kind of like a Latino Buzzfeed, and he basically gives me life. He taste tests vegan food. He gives love advice. And after eight years in prison, Scar has acquired an unusual knack for DIY crafts.
While serving his sentence, he would always try to find different ways to still connect with his friends and family, and one of his favorite ways to do it was by making his own candy roses with Jolly Ranchers he bought from the commissary.

With cherry red rose petals and a green curled leaf, these things are as downright adorable as they are (probably) delicious, and fortunately, he teaches you how to make them.


Here's what you'll need:

- Three (3) cherry Jolly Ranchers
- One (1) green Jolly Rancher
- A bucket of hot water
- Skewer sticks
- Gift wrapping ribbons
- Cellophane wrappers
- A spatula
- A cup

Now here's where the cholofied candy magic begins.

Step One: Dump the Jolly Ranchers in the hot water and wait for them to get soft.

Step Two: Unwrap one of the red ones, and begin to ply it into an oblong petal shape.

Step Three: Wrap the stretched petal around the end of a skewer to create a rosebud shape.

Step Four: Repeat the same steps with the remaining red Jolly Ranchers to create a rose.

Step Five: Unwrap the green Jolly Rancher and mold it into a leaf before applying it to one side of the skewer.

Step Six: Wrap in cellophane, tie with string, and voila!

So those are the steps, but of course, my description doesn't really give Scar's much justice at all. I highly recommend checking out the video above. (Homedude is HILARIOUS.)

Also, let me know if you guys actually attempt these. I feel like they're simple enough to at least try once, right?

Anyway, leave your reactions below, and feel free to follow my YouTube Nation collection for more of my strange but fascinating YouTube discoveries.
I give the homie alot of heart man it aint easy coming out prison and going on the right path
@sanRico Right? Even if he's trying to present it all as humor, he's seriously been through a lot and working hard to make the rest of his life more positive.
@zwdodds Did you watch the video? Lmao, he's so rad.
@EasternShell I think I'm going to try these too! I can't wait to see your card. :D
Lol this is awesome
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