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I wake up to the sun in my face and feeling refreshed till my stomach started to hurt my arms fly to two directions and I stretch and yawn when I'm done I look over to see my sleeping husband peace fully and it brought a smile to my face to see him like that
as I am about to get up to do my morning routine my wrist is being grabed at I look down to see key had spoken up from his slumber "babbbyyyy wait 10 more minutes come back to sleep " he said in a real low and husky voice which in my opinion turns me on just a tiny bit not alot though "no we both need to get up its past 10 in the morning and you have some where to be at exactly 12:00 so get up "he huffed and pulled the covers over his head then I got an idea " if you don't get up imma throw that bedazzled gun of yours out the window and all your other fashion thing out with it cuase there no need for it if you don't wake up" and just like that he popped right up " OK OK I'm up wait you lied its only 8:30 jayneeeee- ah wae you wake me up so early" I smirked and got up " I can't spend a few hours with my husband before he leaves for hours on end " I start to fake cry I learn from the best "I...I miss you .w-when your... gone ..and you don't want.. want to spend.. time.. with meee...." his eyes widen In shock "i-im sorry babe I'm just a little cranky from waking up so early " he say and I start to laugh a little "wait oh no I taught you too well what have I done" I laughed and went to the washroom to do my routine also throwing up oh my I can't be right? I did a little test and sure enough there was a '+' there how am I going to tell key I was worried what if he's not ready but I just pushed it off to the back of my mind till later 1 hour later
key and I are both dressed and everything and he invited me to finally met the rest of shinee I was happy to met the other members and have some fun and I soon noticed we dressed alike wow what a coincidence
when we get there the boys eye me then looked at key wide and shock when he noticed them staring at me he was angry I could tell so he grabbed my hand and forced a smile " hey guys I would like you to meet Jayne ....Jayne meet the rest of shinee" "hello " "hello beautiful I'm junghyun" "hands off my wife bum" key says and hugs me from behind with his head resting on my shoulder " you told us about your wife before but we though you were having a imaginable one not a real one" taemin said "hey don't talk about my baby like that he could have any girl he wants he is just that good looking" I said as I kissed keys cheek 5 hours later
me and key were at home after all the fun we wanted to go home and rest I was on my phone while cluching on to my 'hello' pillow and my hair in a messy bun I was doing fine till key came out from his shower with no shirt and his hair wet water dripping down his body I was mesmerized by him being so hot and realized I'm the luckiest woman on earth " hello hnight"Nareumdaero yonggil naessoyo" he sang to me I got up and hugged him despite him being wet and he hugged me back and rested his head on top of mine "key" "hmm" "I love with all my heart" "I love you too Jayne I would risk anything for you your my everything and I plan on keeping it that way till we have our first child then you both will be my every thing" "what... what if I told you that that first child will be going us in the next 8months" he looked at me wide eye the a smile formed "jinja??!!!" I nodded my head and the rest of the night we cuddled and feel asleep after saying this to each other "I love you Jayne and or unborn child" "we love you to good night" "nite baby by the way did I tell you I love your night clothes" "no but thanks " I say and shut my eyes and fall asleep
six years later six years later our second child ji'hee was born and is just like her father while her sister is like me I smile to myself watching them take pictures and play around we also got a dog wolfy and a cat snowbell i love them all the i realized I finally got it ... I finally got my happily ever after *****the end***** this is for @merrjayne13 hope you enjoyed
I read it...... all......what do I do next.... sorry
oh........kinda confused.... sorry
I don't get it what game...sorry so confused......what do we play....where?
waking up to this baby face every kawaii
This is so cute omg
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