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here is some Teen top looking fly af as girls kekeke
Minsoo actually Works this Sailor scout outfit. I think they'd let him be on the team.
chunji is actually prettier than me like what the hell?! no fair.
changjo is such a cute school girl haha
^^^shit he actually said kekeke
i think that pic #1 is photoshopped but who ever did it was a genius. niel looks super gorgeous and delicate haha #3 video of niel and rickys whole romance pic #4 he looks like a girl who would be the thug/bitch of the school haha
dem legs though.
^^^ here is some classic shit for you. niel, chunji, and changjo dancing to A pink's no no no. the best part is at the end when they run off stage like omfg I can't believe we just did that hahaha they were so embarrassed. ok xoxo angels!! ps please support and vote for TT new mv Warning Sign!!
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I love when the guys cross dress as girls. The results are always entertaining lol. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜