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Song Seung-heon, Park Min-yeong and Kim Jae-joong foresaw an unfortunate three-way romance. In the episode of the MBC drama “Dr. JIN” aired on the 27th this weekend, Kim Kyeong-tak (Kim Jae-joong) became miserable the more Jin Hyeok (Song Seung-heon) and Hong Yeong-rae (Park Min-yeong) got close. Hong Yeong-rae started feeling interested in Jin Hyeok who not only saved her brother, Hong Yeong-hwi’s life but had mysterious medical skills. Moreover, his pitiful situation moved her more and made hercare about him. Jin Hyeok was also pulled towards Hong Yeong-rae who looked like his modern day fiancé Yoo Mina (Park Min-yeong). He repeated what Yoo Mina had said before, about there being ‘another self in the parallel universe’ and weakened for Yeong-rae. However, Kim Kyeong-tak became more and more miserable the closer they got. He loves Kim Byeong-hee (Kim Eung-soo) despite the fact that he was being used. He knew very well but that this was not the right path and that his father’s love for him wasn’t right. This emptiness was filled by Yeong-rae’s warmth and he felt a connection with her but she was sharing her feelings with someone else. Moreover, best friend and brother of Yeong-rae, Hong Yeong-hwi was fighting with the Kim’s as the leader of a group of thieves. Hong Yeong-rae and Jin Hyeok were hard to come true since he had traveled through time and Kim Kyeong-tak was fighting to not become alone. Source: TV Daily Credit: Hancinema