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Zico keeps coming out with these songs and my bias list just keeps getting blown farther away from me!! Somebody help because ZICO is bout to ruin my life with this song...His hair, contacts, and cute clothes all were too much for me...ZICO is shredding my bias list right in front of me!!! I don't think I can stop him so I have no other choice than to just let it happen...

What Do You Guys Think Of The Song???

*Also I Will Be On Vingle More I Just Had To Make Sure I Was Fully Recovered..Thanks @Ercurrent for the advice it really helped*
@LeighHolgate Glad you liked it @Ercurrent Thanks and I have now deem Zico as a threat XD
just cute lol the cheese balls haha it's good ::
kinda creepy but cool
@JohnEvans hahaha welcome to the club friend.
I'm glad it helped friend!! Haha nursing school is good for something after all. It's nice to have you back:) Zico slays me. I just can't with him.