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The last Monday in the month of January.

Can you believe we are already done with the first month of the new year? Neither can I. It will be the summertime before we know it. As much as we dread Monday's, we wouldn't see Friday if it weren't for those Monday's -- so for that very reason, it's important that we give thanks. If you've been following the motivation that I share on Monday's for the past few months now, then you probably already know how important I believe it is to have a positive outlook on life.
A negative mindset won't get you far and for that reason, I choose to spread positivity. I decided to switch things up this Monday and share some of my favorite daily affirmations I have come up with over the past year that might bring you happiness, positivity, inspiration and a totally new outlook on life in general. I take pride in my affirmations and I choose to share because sharing is caring -- you never know who might benefit from your words. So, with hat being said, keep scrolling and prepare to be inspired and uplifted.

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If I get 15 comments or more,
I'll post a card with my personal affirmations weekly.
Thank you so very much!! @MyAffairWith
Great affirmations!!! I'm also a firm believer in affirmations as well.
It's my favorite thing really!! @jordanhamilton :)
Thanks @nicolejb! It has definitely brought me so much joy and positivity over the past year. Yoga is definitely relaxing, it's nice to know that having a specific mantra has helped you :) Yay for positivity and growth!
Yes this is awesome! I've been practicing yoga for a while now, and having a mantra or daily thought during the practice has really helped me a LOT
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