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Falling for someone is a feeling we all experience at some point.

A feeling worth a million words , but sometimes the actions speak so much louder. You feel yourself falling, but you catch yourself mid fall because you don't want to over compensate or come off too strong. You're diggin' the person and the vibes are there, but something seems a bit off -- so, you question falling back, but what good would that do you? You find yourself reaching out more than you need to, but in the back of your head all you can think about is the connection being there. But what if it's not? What if it's all in your head?
You begin to question everything and find yourself doing the very thing you said you wouldn't do. You're torn between falling back and coming off too strong. Neither option will put your heart at ease, but you choose anyway. You listen to your heart opposed to your mind, you're used to it. Your pride takes over and you refuse to look like you're head over heels. "It's too soon", you tell yourself. But the vibes were there, right? Where did they go? Somewhere hiding with Waldo and Carmen Sandiago, your heart says send the text -- your mind says no.
"Hey, what's up?"
*No reply.*
Four hours later, you receive a text with one word.
You slowly drift away.
Did you come off too strong? Possibly.
Should you blame yourself for the outcome? No.
Shake it off. Smile. It happens.
Keep scrolling to see how you can prevent yourself from coming off too strong.

Sending One Text Too Many

If you have find yourself going above and beyond without getting much of anything in return, give it up. Take a few steps back and relax. Your phone will notify you when it's time to start drooling again.

Overthinking Every Possible Thing

"Did I say something wrong?" "Am I annoying?" "Was it my breath?" and the list goes on. More than likely, it has absolutely nothing to do with any of the things you're questioning. You're not the only one with a life, y'know?

Thinking About A Relationship Way Too Soon

You've gone on two dates -- and technically netflix and chill doesn't happen to count. If you're questioning where this is going after about a month or so, relax -- it's too early. If you pop the question [what are we?] before the time is right, you're buying yourself a one way ticket to "sorry, it's not going to work" land.

Planning Dates Back To Back

So, you just spent the entire weekend together and you hit him with a text hinting where you would like to go on your next date. That screams clingy. A bit of breathing room on aisle #4 please. If the person happens to be into you, you won't have to worry about hinting the next date -- there will be plenty.

Put Your Phone Down

Hovering over your phone will only make you more antsy. Try keeping yourself busy doing things that don't involve technology. It helps.
If any of these happened to sound like you, you might want to reevaluate how strong you're coming off.

If you see a future with this person, don't ruin the chances.

UGH! I never saw your comment, I apologize @nicolejb but I'm definitely an over thinker to the max. I'm working on it though and I'm also working on voicing my opinion when it comes to my feelings.
You're very welcome @MyAffairWith
@jordanhamilton thank you! :)
@MyAffairWith You are very welcome! No worries. It's a journey for all of us. I'm definitely the same way. I hope the tips work for you, as much as I hope they work for me.
Thank you for these tips! I need to sink these in myself. I can come off really strong sometimes when I meet people. Now I can scale back a bit with these tips!
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