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He's coming to Los Angeles, to be exact!! He's in 'Team H' with Big Brother and the duo plan to have their encore concert in LA! The exact date has not been announced yet. In their world tour, they have started with four cities in Japan, gathering 42,000 fans. Afterwards, they visited Thailand and Taiwan. Jang Geun Suk is now Asia's Prince, but will he be able to earn himself the title World Prince after the concert?
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^ . ^ meowwwww,
5 years ago·Reply
I also think he looks like a cat when he smiles.
5 years ago·Reply
awww now that you guys mention it, he indeed does. So cute
5 years ago·Reply
lol he is soo cute >___< btw did u guys check out JGS's nature boy? lemme knw what you thought of him
5 years ago·Reply
why not Atlanta or Jacksonville?
5 years ago·Reply