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This stands as one of The Prodigys best albums. This - their second album was made at the time when the government brought in the criminal justice bill which banned raves and parts of rave culture and this can be felt in the song 'Their Law'. It was also made in response to rave culture itself and how it had changed.
Liam Howlett used samples from films such as '2001 Space Odyssey' and 'The Lawnmower Man' within parts of the songs which is pretty clever.
@shannonl5.. you like this?
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Its not for everyone..
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@Eclare I've actually heard it before! I need to be in the right mood for sure but yeah!
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@shannonl5 They band to see live :)
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@Eclare oooh good to know! I'll have to try to catch them in concert
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