Hi Vinglers! You probbly have noticed that I stopped making cards for a while....I was pretty busy with school and stuff.... I'll try to make more card soon! (Mark oppa looked amazing I had to put this here )

You're going to screenshot every block and don't forget to tag me in your results!

Tagging everyone:

Please Tell me if you want to be removed/added to this list!




Detention Buddy

Best friend

Project Partner

Secret Admirer

Prom Date

Lunch Crew

Locker Neighobrs

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i love my answers.
2 years agoReply
@sosoaloraine23 well jb oppa is my boyfriend, locker neighbor, lunch crew, prom and project partner. Jr oppa is locker and bestfriend. secret admirer is jackson and also detention buddy. ( understandable he's jackson) he's also apart of the lunch crew along with youngyea. And my tutor and bully is Jugyeom oppa.
2 years agoReply
So I got my Bias again,and its YOUNGJAE!!!!I can totally see a drama love triangle!!Bambam is my bully and my project partner and my prom date while Joungjae is my BOYFRIEND!!I did get Bambam alot!
2 years agoReply