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To Mother- This song has always been meaningful to me, but recently it has taken on even more significance as I almost lost my mother a few weeks ago. Sky Blue Balloons- I can't help but to be happy whenever I hear this song.


Warrior's Descendant & Candy First songs I can remember hearing consistently from these sweeties.

Fly To The Sky

Day by Day & Stop Time The feels....oh my goodness the feels!! They've always had this effect on me.

Big Bang

Lalala & If You A difference of night & day between these songs. V.I.P. from the beginning & forever. No matter what mood I'm in Big Bang has a song that fits.


Fire & Come Back Home Some of my main female idol crushes


Super Hero- The very first song I heard from them. Stop It Girl- I don't know what it is about this song but I melt every time I hear it. VIXX+babies/kids= Noona meltdown


No More Dream & Baepsae This was the first group I tried not to fall down the rabbithole for. Obviously I failed on an epic level as they are now one of my top most listened to groups.


Girls, Girls, Girls- First GOT7 related meltdown. "Girls, they love me" yes we do now please stop killing me. If You Do- This song has a permanent spot on my everyday playlist.


10 out of 10- This video still kills me, they're to freakin cute!! My House- Who wouldn't sneak off with these guys?!


LACHATA & 4 Walls I love these women so much! They are easily one of my main pick me up groups, I can't help but dance along.


Warrior- One of my to 5 fav songs from them Young, Wild, & Free- Sexy cars, wild animal, paint fight, what's not to love??
The next batch of groups are still mostly new to me, I must be a glutton for punishment. I keep telling myself not to add anymore groups/artists & yet I plunge headfirst down the rabbithole anyway. Oh well, at least I have company on the way down.


YOLO & OMGT I am reserving judgement until I hear more, I will say OMGT very easily gets stuck in my head though.

UNIQ, Monsta X, & Snuper

The first two I found through you lovely beautiful Vinglers. Snuper was a youtube find, random searching & next thing I know they're on my "hey you should check this out" list.
*All credit to creators, uploaders, owners*
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