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Pick your ring, you know I'm going with the Deadpool Ring Pop lol. I did have a customer propose to me with a ring pop at work... Man he has icy blue eyes that was pulling me in, seductive. He was tall, very tall with dark hair... He had working man hands and he was tall.. He had that deep voice that could make a woman melt... But I told him after his gummy ring pop proposal that I was hungry and I bit the top. He said we are still engaged lol. Btw he was so hot that the managers had to roll the tape twice lmfao. I said I cheated twice in my head and everyone laughed uncontrollable to tears. I always crack jokes I can't help it.. But I know I have a ♥ at home Anyway pick your ring!
Black Widow's is cool but I have to go with Deadpool because what can beat a ring that you can eat?
I love that Deadpool ring, but I like the design of the Iron Man one but not the colors. And the Black Widow one too.
I absolutely love the iron man ring.
@shannonl5 Krystal: Captain America JJ: Iron man
... well in that case I definitely want the Black Widow one XD
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