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MCM Lee Min Ho
Lee Min Ho if you follow you know he is my #1 UB ..I love all of them but this is D' Man.. he is the reason. why I am into Korean stuff. . I watch him first in BOF and the " Faith" which is a Historical Drama..with a slight fantasy. . he has worked a quite few dramas already and movies.. I think that he hasn't worked more because of all of the endorsement the he has and being an embassador of tourism in Korea.. So his schedule is very hectic. he might even get exempt from the military thing.. so here are BAE's Dramas and movies.. so if you haven't watch them go ahead. . Dramafever has most of them..
and here are BAE's awards. ..
OMG.. that's a lot..haha .. Well BAE's deserve them he is one of the best people I have ever know.. I haven't meet him yet but when I go to Korean. really hope he has some concert or fan meet so I can go see him..haha LEE MINHO HO.. MCM @kpopandkimchi
His dramas are part of what got me into learning Korean too. I'm addicted now.
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@RebeccaLondon ..same here that's why he is UB. . BAE #1..LOL
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Always my first Kdrama crush!!!!
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I'm watching faith now and he just takes my breath away. .. like how can any guy have such a kissable mouth? ??? it's ridiculous.
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