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After having a few days off I went back to work. Lucky day Namjoon and the guys were there for a TV appearance. One of my bosses came up to me. "Can you do two artists makeup today?" "Yes. Why?" "Two specifically asked for you." "Really who?" "Rap Monster and V of BTS." "Awesome yea I can handle them. " I smiled. "Ok V is first." "Alright thank you." I got my area ready for him. I turned around at the perfect moment I saw V prancing into my area. "Aren't you happy to see me (y/n)?" "Of course now sit your butt down and let's get to work. " "Aww why so serious." He flashed his signature smile and sat down. I quickly got to work. "I swear to God V if you poke me or tickle me one more time I'm going to make you look like a clown on tv." "Aww you don't like being touched?" "No I dont. I'm almost done hold still a little longer." I was just finishing his eyes. I paused for a moment to make sure they were the same and he opened his eyes. "You know you have really pretty eyes." I could feel my face turning red. "So do you." I started to pull back but he stopped me. "Can you spare some of your time tonight?" He whispered. I was now in his trance. I just nodded. "Your phone please." I handed it to him. And he let me back up. I looked away and saw namjoon. I smiled and waved at him and he started walking towards me. "Alright I'll call you tonight." V said standing in front of me. Then he got real close. "Your really beautiful." Then he leaned in and kissed my cheek. I was shocked at this action. "Uh....bye V" He smiled and walked away. "Did he just kiss you?" Namjoon asked "Yea." "Why?" "I don't know he said i was beautiful then kissed me." "Maybe he likes you." Namjoon said sitting down. "Maybe....anyways let's get you ready." I shook my head and started working on Namjoon. When I started adding lip gloss to his lips I couldn't help but stare....well it is my job but I ended up biting my lip. I REALLY wanted to just take a nip. But he made it clear just friends. Then I got to his eyes. I was lost in them. I was going to tell him to close his eyes but he was staring at me and I couldn't form the words. "Um..." I pointed to his eyes.... He knew what I meant and he shut them. I quickly finished him up and backed away. "All done." "Thanks (y/n) lets hang out tonight." "I can't I told V I'd make some time for him." "Ah the confession...." "What?" " Oh nothing he just might say he likes you." "Yea right." I laughed. "Well after your time with V call me ok." "Ok" then he pulled me into a hug and then left. They went on air and did there thing and started walking towards me. They had to walk past me to go back to there area. They all said hi to me. Namjoon ruffled my hair and then V stopped. "When are you done here?" "Um in 2 hrs." "Ok I'll come pick you up ok?" "From here?" "Of course silly." He poked my nose. "V stop flirting let's go" Jin said "Bye (y/n)." He took off running. After they left the studio did all the girls come flocking asking me questions. They wanted to know how I knew them so well and why V was flirting with me. I just said I met them by an accident and we became friends and then I went back to work. It wasn't that big of a deal was it? After 2 hrs I finally ran out the door and there was V. He pulled me into the van he had come in. "Ok not creepy at all. What's going on with you V?" "I have something to ask you. But we are going to go to eat and then I'll tell you." " know I'm older than you right?" "Not that much older." "I'm a year older than's still old." "I'm don't care....age isn't an issue with me." "But it is with me...." "Ok I know what your thinking just wait until we're eating ok." "Ok." If Namjoon was right he was going to confess to me and I had to nip it in the butt. I didn't like V in that way plus I had only know him a few days. I liked namjoon....well it'll be a one sided love but I'm ok with that. We had finally pulled up to a restaurant and we went to a private room in the back. Being famous he had to be careful. After we got our food I finally couldn't take it anymore. "V I don't like you that way!" He started laughing "What way are you thinking I like you?" "You want to date me....but I can't I just don't like you that way." He continued to laugh. "I'm sorry (y/n). I don't like you that way either." "But your compliments and the flirting?" "Well one, girls deserve to get compliments and two, the flirting I was wondering if we would be able to work well together." "Work well together?" "I need your help." "With?" "I need to make this girl jealous. I know she likes me but she just won't admit it. So when I need you to help me ill call you, we would also do like dates and what not." "What if she doesn't like you?" "Then I'll know for sure and I'll move on." "Ok I'll help you." "Really?" "Yup." "Oh thank you (y/n) thank you so much" After we ate V took me back home and gave me a hug before leaving. I then pulled out My phone and called namjoon. After a few rings he answered. "Hey namjoon I'm home now, whats up?" "I'm gonna come over ok?" He said "Sure I'll see you in a few. " we hung up. What was going on with him. He's acting really weird since the thing with V earlier today. I sat and waited for Namjoon to show up.
This is a short chapter. I had written this a few days ago and haven't had time to write more to it and I thought you all deserved an update so the next chapter will be longer I promise.
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@SarahVanDorn super cute. I love the way you write Taehyungie
thanks everyone for waiting so patiently. I have a very long chapter coming up at some point today. I just want to re read to make sure it flows right and isn't you guys!!!
@SarahVanDorn yay! I am loving these stories.
This ONE Is much better . I really like it .So Keep going ! Don't Forget to tag ! Okay ?