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"" I knew that it was my alarm telling me to get up, but I was not wanting to get up when I was finally in deep sleep. I just got off work and not I am getting back up to get to school. I guess this is what they call a hard life. I was so groggy and my head felt heavy. I could stay home in my one bedroom small apartment, but I am the top student that never misses. I pulled myself out of me grogginess even though it nothing. I took my work uniform off and changed in clothes for school. I quickly pulls on black skinny jeans, a gray loose sweater, along with a heavy jacket, glasses, and my boots that I took off not to long ago. Before I walked the door I grabbed my phone and my bag along with my keys. After locking my door I ran into someone. That someone was my landlady. "Miss Young so glade that ran into you. I just want to remind you that you rent is due by the end of the week. I understand that you work three jobs and go to school. However I need you rent and that money is what I need to live." My landlady said to me. I know she wanted to sound nice, but I knew why she needed my rent money. She needed the money for her son who was my age and went to the same school as me. She babied her son to the point that he was spoiled and the most popular guy in school. Was he smart? No he was not. Did I have to tutor him so my rent could go down? Yes until he tried to feel my up. I tired finding a different place to live, but I had no such luck. "Mrs. Long I'll get you the rent money by the end of the week. Excuse me I have to get to school." I said to her with a fake smile. She wouldn't be able to tell the difference unless it was money. "I could ask my son to give you a ride. I believe he is leaving right now." "No it's fine I'll managed with taking the bus." I told her and walked away from her before she could say anything else. The school wasn't that far and since it was was 7:30 in the morning I had enough time to walk to school. While I was walking I grabbed my iPhone and went to my favorite playlist. Pressing play I closed my eyes when the first song began to play. "Want be loved, don't want be fool, want be cool, want to be loved..." I opened my eyes and continued my walk to school. There were a few stop lights that I had to stop and wait. I stopped at the light the was by the school. I have to walk across to be on school property. While I was waiting my phone buzzed. I looked at the light beginning to turn to I could walk across. Went I was across I checked my phone. If you looked at me know I'm sure Seeing a smile was rare to see. "First song you listened to this morning?" Said the message I received. I know who the person is, but I do not know his name. I only knew by his user name TT95 and that he is a trainee waiting to debut. We met through a group chat that dealt with one on my favorite KPOP groups that I listen too. "Like by BTS." I replied back to him before walking in through the front doors of the school. I just like everyone had to place their things a tub to check if we have weapons or bombs. Pretty much when you enter security at an airport this is what it is like when you enter my school. I'm just glade that I am graduating early and I don't have to worry about this another year. After going through security I grabbed my stuff and went to my locker. Placing what I didn't need and want I need for my first few classes. I looked at my watch and saw I have ten minutes to spare. I went to my first class and took a seat in the back of the classroom. Once seated I took my phone out and saw that he replied. TT95: You really like BTS don't you? BTS was the first group that made me fall for kpop and they are the only group that has helped me through tough times in my life. My parents left me and only taking my younger brother with them when I was twelve. They left a note saying that I was old enough to fend for myself. I was sent to a foster home only to be beaten. I ran away after the first night I was beaten. I was caught and sent to a different foster home. This one was different I was able be normal I'd for once until two years ago the family sent me back as they were no longer able to take care of me. I told the judge that I was fine living on my own and that I could do it. The judge agreed, but had one request. That I meet with a social worker once a month. Speaking of meeting with my social worker I have a meeting tonight. Instead of replying back I went to my calendar to see if I was right. Sure enough I was. "Oh look it's homeless girl. Oh and look she even dressed to fit in with us." I looked up and smile to my lovely classmates that were so nice this morning. I he one who said those nice words was my landlady's son. He was a prick and he knew that he was. He also knew that I didn't care on what he said to me. He believed that I was challenging him and truthfully I did care on what he thought. Like right now I didn't care and acted like I was looking something up on my phone. Before the teacher walked in I went back to my kakao app to reply back. "You have no idea on how much I love BTS. You know that they helped me through tough times." I wrote back and then placed my phone in my bag when the teacher walked in. I sat there through the lesson not caring on what was being taught until the teacher called on me. I answered the correct answer all the time which irritated the teachers and my classmates. After the first few classes it was lunch time and I stopped by my locker to drop off books only to grab more. "Jessica Young please report to the office." said the office lady over the intercom. Those around me laughed as they gave me cat calls and asking what I did this time. This did surprise my much to be called into the office. I just wished they would send paper to one of my teachers when I was in class. I closed my locker and walked to the office to see my social workers and principal talking. Great what did I do this time? Taking a deep breath I entered the office with a bright smile that I could master. "Good afternoon Miss Young glade you were able to make it. Mrs. Lee and I have something to discuss with you." Mr. Grimm said. I only nodded as I followed both Mrs. Lee and Mr. Grimm to his office. "Don't worry your not in trouble. Mr. Grimm and I have noticed that you applied to a college in a different country. More importantly Seoul National University. We want to know why you chose that school out of all the great schools here in the United States." Mrs. Lee asked me. I looked at both of them trying to come up with a answer. Obviously saying that I met a boy who from there is the only reason why I was to go to school there. "I was looking around at some schools that accept early graduates and SNU was one of them. They have a great program for counselors along with the lit. program." I told them and that was some what of the truth. "We know that you had a hard time growing up and that you love South Korea, but doing this do you think it would help you with what you been through? Plus do you have any friends over there? What about speaking the language?" This time Mr. Grimm stepped in to say something more on the lines ask me. Both Mr. Grimm and Mrs. Lee knew that I had no friend here in Seattle, but what if I told them that I had friends over in Seoul? That would be telling the truth right? The language was not hard to learn. I ended up talking classes online to learn how to speak and read Korean or Hangul. "I know that you both know that I'm the number one loner in this school, but I am also your top student within the junior class that is graduating early. However I have summited my application to SNU and I even applied to live with a host family to live in while I am at school. I am not changing my mind on what school I want to go to. I have been learning the language for five years now and when I was applying I was asked if I prefer English speaking professors or Hangul. I picked both one for learning and the other to feel as if I am home." I told both Mr. Grimm and Mrs. Lee. They looked at me and then looked at each other. Mrs. Lee grabbed her brief case and pulled out a big thick envelope. She looked at me and then handed the envelope to me. "Since most of your mail is sent to me this came in yesterday. I called the school consular and your principal. They both told me that had no idea that you applied to a foreign school. We wanted to talk to because we were concerned that you were only doing this to start a new life." Mrs. Lee said. "It is true that part of the reason to leave here is to start s new life, but at the same time going to SNU is for me to experience something new." I said and looked at the heavy envelope that had my name on it. I wanted to open it so bad, but I knew opening would be impolite. "How about you open it to see if you made it?" Mr. Grimm said. I did as he said and before taking out the stacks of papers I closed my eyes and prayed that I was right that I was accepted. Dear Jessica Young, Congratulations you have be accepted into SNU! Not only accepted, but you have received a full ride along with early admission. That was what the first line read and I didn't bother to read the rest as tears began to build. I was so happy that I would going to this school not only that I was going, but I would starting there in April. Mrs. Lee took my acceptance letter and read that they would provide a plane ticket for me and that I need to report there by the middle of March to register for classes along with meeting my host family. Within the packet they have names of host family that were happy and hoping that i would chose them to live with. The bell rang telling me I had class in five minutes. I didn't even what to go to class truthfully. I was so happy I pulled out my phone and sent a message to TT95 telling him I was going to be in Seoul come around April. Mr. Grimm and Mrs. Lee congratulated me again and Mrs. Lee wanted to speak to me some more about this when I met with her tonight. Walking out of the office with all the SNU paperwork along with booklets about SNU. I arrived in my History AP class and took a seat in the back. Before the teacher walked in my phone lite up showing a message from TT95. TT95: Congrats! Maybe we will see each other within Seoul when you get here. My smile that I had when I got accepted grew bigger upon reading that message.
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