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Hey fam! Here's my review of this weeks chapter!

You have been warned!!

Serena was an odd character from the start but dragon slaying magic??? Really? Who would have thought that he was a dragon slayer but instead had 8 deferent dragon lacrimas in him?!! This actually came as a shock to me!

Was anyone else surprised that Serena could use dragon slaying magic??? Especially since he kept using different dragon slaying magic the whole time???!! What do you guys think????

Acnologia showing up was a complet suppose! a fight against Acnologia but that was ended quickly..

Acnologia is strong but I didn't think he was that strong ....

This worries me...he is defiantly talking about nastu and the others....I have no idea what will happen...will the dragon slayers face off with Acnologia?? Will they beat him with power and numbers??? What did you think about this chapter? What do you think will happen??? Tell me!!! I'd love to see your comments!!

All I know is shit is getting real In fairy tail lol I'm excited to see what happens next
@InVinsybll but what if natsu get the ability to turn into a dragon and that's how he defeats acnolgia
I hope that they don't kill laxus and sting
it's about time ancholgia showed up
especially with the current power level he has just getting super beefed out OH! plus the lightning!
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