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Gooooood morning, everybody! I hope you're all having an awesome Monday. Well, an okay Monday. As good as Mondays get.
Yes, yes, I'm starting to write the fan-fiction now, in case any of you are curious. I'm hoping to get it out before Valentine's Day. But I'm giving myself LOTS of time to complete it, because I want to not rush myself so I can make it extra super good for you guys. :)
TODAY, as promised since you guys surpassed 300 comments, I'm introducing a new game to Love & Relationship. It's a bit sassy, which I'm sure many of you will enjoy. Hehe! ^_^
It's a game of NEVER HAVE I EVER, Vingle-style! :D

The Rules

Below, you'll find a list of 10 actions. You've either done them, or you haven't.
You start with 10 points (as if you have 10 fingers up, for those of you who have played the real game). For every thing on the list you've done, you lose a point.
So, for example, if I've done 6 things on the list, I finish the game with 4 points.
To play, read through the list, and comment the number of points you're left with. 馃槀馃槄
Good luck, Lovebugs! 馃槀

Never have I ever...

1. Purposefully led someone on.
2. Messaged an ex when I really, really shouldn't have.
3. Cursed out my mom.
4. Flirted with someone in front of my ex.
5. Hooked up with my ex's good friend.
6. Asked someone out on a date.
7. Kissed more than one person within a 24 hour period.
8. Waited a few hours to text back my crush, just to seem cooler.
9. Kissed someone whose name I don't know.
10. Had a crush on someone 5+ years older than me.

Comment your number below! 馃槀馃槄

9 points! I'm the most innocent 17 year old in the world and proud! But I have always had a thing for older guys <3 lol
And of course, since I got us started, I might as well kick things off... 1!!!!!!!!! Oh my god... 馃槀 馃槀 馃槀 That's so embarrassing...
I stayed with 9 points! I'm ashamed that I actually did task 3.
Oh man this was just too fun not to do. I'm at a 2 so there's that...
@InPlainSight I see the zero club is expanding. lol
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