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Aish....why do I always come up with the weirdest titles???
Anyways....I was looking through the communities I belong to and noticed that Monsta X is a fairly small community....not many MonBebe out there -~- This is a crazy thought I had and I don't know about it....but we are family so might as well say it..... I noticed that Monsta X doesn't have moderators....most other K-pop groups have mods....maybe only the small ones don't..... Wouldn't it be amazing to have mods in this little community?? People who would help make it bigger and have more MonBebe join us?? A lot of stuff happens that most people don't know....shouldn't we be up to date with them just like any other band??? Sure they don't post often in their social medias but even the stuff they do post kind of gets ignored in a way....because not many people know!!! I mean I could try to get up to date with them but it will be hard because of my school schedule.... (from ten to three and its only one class)
@ARMYStarlight and we will, is just a matter of time. 😃
we're small because Monsta X just debuted.
I don't know how to be a mod either, lets ask someone!!!
@ARMYStarlight I think we all do/could! having liked n followed them on facebook helps keep me somewhat up tp date, bit like you i'm not sure how to be a mod
I didn't even know they didn't have mods, I thought everyone did!! :o
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