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1. I do random stupid things to make the people around me smile.
2. This was my idea of fun reading as a child, needless to say I didn't have many friends my age.
3. I learned how to sing before I learned how to talk. Music has always had a major place in my life, my family is very musically inclined. Being very shy it was easier for me to sing then it was to speak around new people.
4. I am deathly afraid of arachnids! It doesn't matter how big they are I am terrified of them. I have 2 ways of dealing with arachnids: 1. I freeze & can't move so I end up waiting for someone to come save me. 2. I scream & run.
5. I am human, I love human. I have always been very open & secure with my sexuality/orientation. I do not love based on gender nor do I accept love based on gender.
6. My heritage & knowing where I come from is one of the most important things in the world to me. Growing up Army we moved around a bit, I've lived in Hawaii, New York, New Jersey, & currently Pennsylvania. Knowing my heritage means knowing & understanding my desire to travel & see the world. I'm strongly Irish on my mother's side & we have Traveller blood in our veins so one minute I'm settled & good & the next I'm ready to pack up & go.
7. I am an apprenticing tattoo artist & piercer. My best friend of 20+ years & I are in the process of starting our own business. This photo was taken while I was doing a piece on her. I currently have 6 tattoos, 4 in Korean, 1 Trinity set, & a leg piece that is a work in progress all of which she has done.
8. My children are my life, nothing comes before them
9. Vingle has been a HUGE HUGE MASSIVE help with lessening my anxiety. I have no fear of judgement here, I can express myself freely & get nothing but positivity back. 10. I am the oldest of 4 children 11. I love to write & am working up the courage to share it with all of you, I am my own biggest critic. 12. I love to dance 13. I am not religious but I am spiritual, I follow the old ways 14. I have no tolerance for close-minded people 15. I ramble a lot when nervous & am terrible at the "getting to know you" part of meeting people.
Ran out of pics I felt fit with the rest of the list so yeah...TADA!! There you have it 15 facts of randomness from me. Tagging the team: @BulletproofV @MadAndrea @thePinkPrincess @CreeTheOtaku @SugaOnTop @VKookie47 @amobigbang Now random tags: @parktaemi @SamanthaRae19 @VeronicaArtino @Jiyongixoxo @DestineeLiu *All credit to owners* Please let me know if you do/do not what to be tagged in future cards.
@fallchild lol, hello nice to meet you. @UnnieCakesAli You won't be forever πŸ˜€. if you haven't found another artist by the time you're 18 drop me a line 😊
@fallchild No worries, I have the same problem. It's like "oh no I'm the old lady" here. Thankfully I haven't experienced that here, just my anxiety waiting for it.
@EliseB sorry, I get excited whenever I see that someone else here is actually older than early 20s because normally I feel so much older than everyone.
I wish you could do me a tattoo..... But I'm under aged πŸ˜ŸπŸ˜‚
Yay! Another mom on here :)
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