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Sometimes you have to read between the lines.

When it comes to women sometimes our lips say one thing, but our mind is thinking something totally different. Depending on the circumstances at hand, that can either be a good or a bad thing. You would think men would have caught on to our specific innuendos by now, but it doesn't seem that way. We could be saying jump, but we really mean hop -- but he'll jump anyway.
Sometimes you have to read between the lines in order to understand a woman. We aren't difficult, it just takes some time to learn us. If only there was a way that men could read us like a book and never get misunderstood. Unfortunately, that's not the case -- but there is a video to help you fellas get a clue of what women truly mean sometimes. Keep scrolling to watch and learn. You'll be a pro at understanding your lady in no time.

Fellas, have you learned anything yet?

Ladies, leave a comment explaining one thing you always say but mean the total opposite.
MANSLATOR: what @AlloBaber meant is: "I want to get married for 12 years, in fact let me think about getting married, let me just throw some ideas at my man."
@jordanhamilton thanks it ain't been easy and we still got a long ways to go but we'll get there 馃槉
you're probably right, we just celebrated 12years
@buddyesd Congratulations on 12 years, that's amazing!!!! :D I can't imagine how great that must feel.
@buddyesd should we invent the manslator now?
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