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Hey guys... this is me. Tadaa. the reason I'm posting this is because. I have had a lot of stress lately and a lot of insanity in my life. so what I'm trying to say is that I am leaving vingle for a while. o have my flight ticket home. I'm going back to Europe. From the US. my wife is really anxious and she will be following me in a few months. hopefully. but untill than I have to find a job and hopefully get my own place. so. bye guys. I'll be online for a few days but after that not that much. I might have some time around the end of February but... who knows. yeah. and thanks for all the support and help I got from everyone. thank you and I love you all.
I hope you have a safe trip.
All will be well bro, things have a way of working themselves out. Safe travels and best of luck on the job front. See you around here sometime. ^_^
Ah, David. This so sucks. :(((( We will miss you. *Hugs* Please stay in touch when you can. Have a safe trip, friend!
Ughhh, how stressful. The Rick & Mortians are going to miss you! I just shouted one of your cards out about an hour ago too. :( Travel safely and come back soon!!
Good luck, and I hope you can get things settled to a more stable place. Come back when you can!!!!! :D
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