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Here is the long awaited chapter! Enjoy ;) ~~ “Ah, that should do it.” Minseo mumbled to herself as she went into the cafe. She has just finished her usual routine of running in the morning and was now in a cafe getting her favorite drink. “Will it be the same thing as always MinSeo-shi?” The waiter smiled. MinSeo nodded as she looked at the waiter, “Yes please.” The waiter then walked away to get her strawberry smoothie that she always ordered when she visited this café. Minseo looked outside and admired the clear blue sky and how quiet this part of the city is, instead of the usual honking and pedestrians walking here and there. The waiter came back with her drink and he sat it in front of her. Minseo then paid the man and thanked him. “So, How's life?” He asked as he sat down with her. “It's good. My trainer told me that I'd be debuting soon, since my raps are great. He even said that they're as great as Namjoons’ sunbaenims raps! I felt so great when he said that.” The waiter smiled as she saw her eyes gleaming, “Well that's certainly something. Do you think you can rap something you know for me?” Minseo looked at the waiter as she thought of something to think. “What language should I do it in?” “Korean and then English! I'm not going to understand English, but I'd still like to hear it.” She took a sip of her drink and opened her mouth, but she was interrupted when her phone started vibrating. She picked up the phone without looking and put it to her ear, “Cheon Minseo! Go to the conference room in the JYP building in 20 minutes!” The person hung up, and her eyes widened as she looked forward. ‘Did I do something wrong?’ she thought. She got up from her chair and said, “I'm sorry. I have to go. I'll show you my rap later on, okay?” She bowed to the waiter, and headed out towards the JYP building. ~ “Eoni!! Jackson is biting me! Ow Jackson! That hurts!” “I'm not even touching you!” “No, but your teeth were!” “You're lying!” HaEun sighed once more. She loves taking care of kids but when they misbehave, she's not so friendly. “Jackson! If you don't stop biting her, you're going to the time out chair!” She yelled. “I wasn't touching her!”Jackson grumbled as he crossed his arms and turned away. 6 year olds can be pretty hard to take care of. HaEun sighed once more and looked JungMi. JungMi was smiling evilly as she looked at Jackson. HaEun raised an eyebrow and said, “JungMi, let me look at where Jackson bit you.” JungMis’ smile disappeared and her eyes widened. “Uh… I-it's..” she looked around trying to find an escape route. She saw the entrance to the playground through the slide and thought that HaEun wouldn't fit through if she ran after her. JungMi looked at the crossed armed, HaEun and smiled apologetically, then she ran towards the entrance. “JungMi!” HaEun yelled. The daycare center, that was once loud, was dead silent as they saw HaEun trying to climb up the slide. “Almost there…” she whispered. She was firmly pressed against the slide and she was reaching out trying to get anything to help pull her up. Suddenly her phone started vibrating and because her phone vibrates a bit too much, that caused the girl to lose her posture and footing. She somehow landed on her head. She grabbed her phone that was still vibrating and picked up. Before she could say anything rude, the other person talked, “Park HaEun-ah! Come to the JYP meeting room in twenty minutes!” The person hung up right after. HaEun sighed and looked up at the playground. JungMi was there looking at HaEun and she burst out laughing. HaEun didn't notice how quiet the daycare was until JungMi stated laughing. Everyone started laughing and HaEun grumbled under her breath as she stood up. She glared at the adults and they immediately quieted down, but they were still laughing. HaEun rolled her eyes but she couldn't help but laugh along with them. Aish, these kids. ~ Music could be heard from the practice room as two girls danced their heart out. Their bodies moved in sync as they danced to ‘Boy in luv’ by BTS. Their sweat could not be missed, but that didn't mean they weren't smiling and laughing at the other when they tried mimicking the lyrics, in making their own facial expressions. Nakamura Rin and Lheila Quinn have been friends since trainee days. They share the same passion for dancing and music. These two have been known as the power duo as their voices matched each other very well. Rins’ rapping and Lheila’s  singing would be in perfect sync when harmonized. The song ended and the girls took a break as they sat down. “Do you think that we'll debut soon?” Lheila asked as she passed a water bottle to Rin. “I really hope so, I'd like to debut soon.” Rin replied as she drank from her water bottle. “I really hope we debut together!” Rin laughed at Lhelia’s enthusiasm. “Let's dance some more?” Rin offered. Lheila’s smile became wider and she stood. She extended her arm, and Rin took it. A random song started, ‘Just One Day’ by BTS started. They danced to their own routines and sang in perfect sync with the boys. Rin started off rapping and moved her arms as she started and walked here and there looking at her reflection in the mirror. Lheila then started singing Jungkooks’ part and her lips sang with his, and she hit every note perfectly. They took turns as to when the rapping came, and when the vocals came as well. As Jins’ part came in they both walked towards each other and made a heart together and they both sang his part. The song ended and the girls were left laughing. Someone knocked on the door, and Rin walked over to the door. She opened it and there was her trainer, “Rin-shi, you and Lheila-shi have been requested in the conference room in 20 minutes.” “What is it about?” Lheila asked as she walked over to the trainer. He smiled a mischievous smile and walked away but not before saying, “You'll see.” Rin and Lheila walked over to the middle of the room as they decided to dance more, rather than to worry. ~ Click! Click! Hyun Jae took pictures as she walked around the park. She never really left her house without her camera or her phone, for she used them for anything and everything that fascinates her. She was currently looking at the kids on the playground. “Eomma! Meet my boyfriend!” She yelled as she dragged Yugyeom from GOT7 towards an older looking woman. The woman looked at the her daughter and she chuckled as she looked up at Yugyeom. “Ah, what's your name?” she asked him. “Yugyeom” he smiled. “Will you protect my Miyun if bad guys try to hurt her?” She asked. “Yes! I'll send them flying like this!” faced away from them and kicked the air and almost stumbled backwards a bit. He then faced the mom and smiled slightly. The mom smiled at him. “Well take really good care of her. She means alot to me. Okay?” Yugyeom then held Miyun’s hand and they ran towards the playground.   Hyunjae laughed at the scene and walked forward deciding to let Yugyeom be with his new ‘girlfriend’. She enjoys times like these where she just feels content for no particular reason. She looked around once more and decided to walk down to the lake. As she got there, someone caught her eye. “Jackson!” she yelled out. She could tell by his body position that it was him as he was ‘dominant’ as he called himself that. Jackson turned around and saw Hyunjae walking towards him. A smile grew on his lips as he called out to her, “Hey! What are you doing here?” he said as he hugged her when she was near enough. Hyunjae smiled as she hugged Jackson back. “I come here a lot actually, it's so nice and peaceful. What about you?” she asked him. “I came with Yugyeom, but I don't know where he went, so now I'm just wondering around.” “Ah, I see. Well I don't mean to intrude your walking but Yugyeom is over there.” She pointed back at the playground where Yugyeom was chasing Miyun. “Aish that kid. Let's go get him” he extended his hand out to Hyunjae. She took it without hesitation and they walked towards the playground. Hyunjae’s phone started ringing and she picked it up, “Hello?” she spoke. “Kim Hyunjae-shi! Come to the JYP building in the meeting room in 20 minutes!” the person said and then they hung up. Hyunjae stared at her phone, when Jackson spoke up. “Who was that?” he asked. “I don't know, but they told me that I have to go to the meeting room. What do you think it could be about?” she asked as she looked at Jackson. Jackson smiled a creepy smiled and leaned in closer, “Maybe…. You're debuting.” he said in a creepy voice. She giggled and pushed him away. She waved goodbye and kept walking, a smile on her face. ~ “Wow! That's beautiful!” JaeRin said as she looked at her sister's drawing. DalNim smiled as she heard her sister's comment. “Thank you dear!” “Why are you drawing though? You should be resting! We have a big day tomorrow!” her sister exclaimed as she moved her arms around. “Don't worry okay? I'll rest as soon as I finish this drawing.” Dalnim said as she focused on shading once more. “Where did you even get that place from? I mean, it looks familiar but I don't recall very much.” Dalnim smiled as she remembered every detail of her trip to Jeju Island. The place she was drawing, was the Hallasan Mountain. “It's a place where we went a few years back. When we went to Jeju Island, remember?” “Hmm… Ah! During the time when you had about 3 weeks off right?” “It was 4 weeks and a day.” “Oh yeah!” “Eoni! Sing me a song? Please!” Dalnim smiled as she looked at her sister. “Okay! Which song?” Dalnim got up and walked over to her sister on the bed. Jaerin scooted so she can give Dalnim some space. Dalnim laid down beside her sister, and Jaerin grabbed her guitar that was at the end of the bed. Jaerin smiled as a song came to mind. She started playing the guitar cords. Dalnim smiled as she remembered the memories that song held. Jaerin played ‘The Reason’ by Hoobastank. Dalnim took a deep breath and started the song, I'm not a perfect person, There's many things I wish I didn't do. But I continue to learning. I never meant to do those things to you. And so I have to say it, before I go, that I just want you to know. I found a reason for me, to change who I used to be. A reason to start over new and the reason is you. She opened her mouth to sing the new verse but she was interrupted when her phone started vibrating. She looked at the caller ID and saw that her, trainer was calling her. “Hello?” she talked. “Song DalNim-shi You have been requested at the meeting room in the JYP building in 20 minutes!” her trainer hung up leaving Dalnim confused. “What’s wrong Eoni?” Jaerin asked as she looked at Dalnims face. “Jaerin, I have to go. Okay? We'll sing later. Bye!” Dalnim kissed Jaerin on the forehead and rushed out the door before Jaerin could say anything. ~ The girls walked into the building almost at the same time. When they found out they were going to the same place, they got more and more anxious, as well as excited. They arrived at the room and they all took a deep breath and walked in. And that ladies and gentlemen, is how Run Valentine came to be.
I waited 2 weeks for this and now I feel more excited!
I haven't even read it yet and I'm FRICKEN EXCITED!
This was amazing! I love it and agree that it was worth the wait!
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