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There is a platonic sense of political formality in Snowpiercer and centers around how life is unfair to those who end up in the wrong end of the train ride through life. It's a provocative sci-fi thriller with a polis fable. So here's what I've learned.
All aboard the Darwin train.
At the start, it's about passengers who are fed up with how they are treated and must obey the rules given to them by soldiers and the ones controlling the train. It's social inequality at its finest. However, I've come to realize that, yes there is an unstable constitution on board a train going all over a snow covered Earth on tracks. It's about Darwin's survival of the fittest. Whoever is the strongest will prevail. So, it doesn't matter if Curtis and his renegades can fight their way to the front, if they fight, they will lose and same goes with the ones with the guns and the differences between them and the rest of the passengers on board shows the balance the ecosystem is. The people in the front are uncomfortable about the chaos in the back, and the people in the back believe they can take their place up front but have no prior knowledge of what's ahead of them.
No more heroes.
Curtis believes that proper fairness and justice starts with a revolution. He keeps promises for his people, but ironically, his actions show that he is not actually a hero. Sure, there are sacrifices he makes in order to get closer to the front and towards Wilford, but maintaining the status quo isn't what its meant to be. It's like the discussion I wrote about when discussing revenge in my card about The Revenant. A man will do pretty much anything in order to get what he wants and not even know that the real monster a hero can be is his or herself.
There are three different paths from three characters: Curtis, who can continue a long cycle of rebellion and not fully understand the nature of his actions, Wilford, who explains to Curtis he can bring balance and peace aboard the train for everyone but will make him into a different man entirely, and then there's Namgoong Minsoo's who doesn't want to be a part of any of the other two paths and wants to blow up the train. If everyone dies, the whole cycle will start over again. But of course in the end there is nothing but nature reclaiming itself and by giving up is the only way to be free of entrapment.
So, what did you think of Snowpiercer? What were some things you found interesting?
Love love love this movie!
@shannonl5 it's definitely something worth watching if you're looking for something new, mew.
@shannonl5 Hahaha, that's so awesome ^__^
@shannonl5 You're so right D:
@shannonl5 I couldn't agree more! I've noticed this movie is not for everyone tho 馃槙
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