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It's time for another wild night everyone!!!

The Marvel Mercs have had some amazing story games in the past, and it feels like a great time to write another collaborative fiction based on our favorite characters!
Here's how it works:
I'll start the story off
The next person to comment will continue
We'll keep going until the story is over!
Let's start:

Spidey: Talk to the hand Deadpool, the face ain't listening!

fine I will settle for a chinicbhanga dinner but only because I love you Spidey
deadpool- fine but you owe me a lap dance later Spidey
*triple front flip into a flying crane kick dropping the criminal to the ground and ties him up* mmmmmph mnnn mph mmmm mphhhmmmm? (ummmm was that too easy?)
Deadpool- Wait.... some of that's my money! Spidey use your web things and tie him up!
Deadpool *dances provacatively on random pole* But don't you think i'm sexy spidey-chan?
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