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Well..I really love Historical Dramas and I have watch lots of them so I am going to start my recommendations with historical based on their history events.. if you want to learn about their history and culture watch these..

historical Dramas based on Korean History.

#1 "Jumong".. Sung Il Gook & Han Hyena Jin.. uniting the different kingdoms and the first emperor of Goryeo. . this is long but is worth it I loved it.. #2. is like the sequel "Kingdom of the wind" sequel of Jumong is about the grandchildren of Jumong carrying out his will of uniting the kingdoms. #3. " Queen Sudock" Lee Yoo Won, Uhm Tae Woong, Kim Nam Jil, Yoo Seung Ho also about uniting g kingdoms but in the time of Shilla not Goryeo. . #4. "The Iron King".. Ji Sung he was the first king that started using Iron..and became very powerful. .this is when they still had tribes he became the king. #5 " Tree with deep Root" Jang Hyuk is about the Korean King that created the Korean alphabet.. Ok so if you want to learn about Korean History these are good. .I recommended.

Romantic Historical Dramas..

These are my favorites, I numbered them by like.. #1 " The Princess Man" Park Si Hoo will always be my #1. these is amazing. . I seriously recommend it is like a Korean Romeo and Juliet..Love the music too .. #2 Jang ok Jung in Love.. Yoo Ah In..fighting left and right to keep your beloved in the time when not even the king ruled..well my man is there Yoo Ah In.. and the story is good a little sad in the end. #3 "The Moon that Embracess the Sun" Kim Soo Hyun and Jung Il woo.. is also about love of course. .protecting your beloved. . #4 "Shine or go Crazy " Jang Hyuk. finding your true love.. #5 " Chuno" Lost love.. Jang Hyuk and Oh Ji Ho there are different stories going on over the Drama. but the main plot is about a lost love..but is good..I like it and the music is awesome.

Historical Action Dramas.

there are many of them but mostly all of them have action but these are really only action and little love and stuff.. #1 Iljimae. . Lee Joon Ki..he becomes this hero type of person mainly was to revenge his family...but many things happened. #2.. " Return of Iljimae".. Jung Il Woo. is basically same thing then the first one..different people.. #3 "Worrior Beak Dong Soo" Yoo Seung Ho and Ji Chang Wook, Involves this two best friends.. the story evolved around them.. there is a special connection between them. Love the music here too..and love the skinship between them too. .lol #4 " Strongest Chill Woo." Eric Moon and Yoo Ah In is here too action and funny at times.. is the hero type like Iljimae but this one is not revenge is just solving people's problems.

Historical with slight of Mith..Magical or supernatural. .

#1 Faith....was the first one I saw of course because Lee Min Ho. He is playing Choi Young a real General on the Goryeo Dinasty in Korea actually...but with the difference that in this drama General Young has powers.. lol and the drama is actually about this Doctor.. who travels to the past..and meet him fall in love and so on.. #2 "Arang and the Magistrate" Lee Joon Ki, Yoo seung Ho is also here.. the Magistrate.. can see Spirits..and he falls in love with one.. Arang.. #3. " Time Slipped Dr. Jin" Song Seung Heon and JaeJoong ..a present time surgeon traveling on time to the past to save lives. . #4 The Scholar who Walks the Night. . Lee Joon Ki..and Lee Soo Hyuk.. is about Vampires. . #5 Gu Family Book.. Lee Seung Gi and Bae about Gumiho half human half animal.. #6 "The night Watch Jounal " Jung Il Woo and Sunho. . is about fighting all kind of supernatural stuff. .
These I forgot to include them.. so I will just have them seperatly.. the first one will go with te Historical based on history of Korea. . #1. Six Flying Dragons is Currently showing I Dramafever every Tuesdays and about how Joseon Dinasty started in Korea after Goryeo. .the change of kings.. Yi Seung Gye was the first king.. one of his sons You Ban Gwangs was the second King..and Yi Bang Won his 5th son was the third king.. this drama is actually goes around Yi Bang Woo which is Played by Yoo Ah In.. it shows how he got to the throne .. of course I am watching it.. #2 Hong Gil Dong... Kang Ji Hwan, Jang Geun Suk, and Sung Yu Ri.. Jang Geunk Suk lovers.. he is the prince looks so made based on a Korean Tale.. is funny, has action and is also love story.. #3 The King Face... Seo In Guk and Lee Sung Jae... is about a father (King) a his son (heir to the throne) struggling relationship. . well these are my recommendations for Historical Dramas .. although there are so many more but I chose these for now..Hope you all like I do.. @kpopandkimchi
I would love to watch more of them but queen seonduk is so long. .. I'm almost finished just ten more episodes to go. .. me my mom and my sister all watch it together! we love it. .....
Thanks for including Hong GIl Dong, it was wonderful!!! I didn't see Bridal Mask here, set during the Japanese occupation of Korea when it was 1 country
I honestly just finished listening to Faith's theme song lol and I'm watching six flying dragons too
It's kool! I still like the list you have 😆
Yes! @luna1171 Thanks for the tag! 😄 Historical dramas are my all time fav! Well Historical anything. There is one missing that I've seen. Hwang Jin Yi That one was good too.
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