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I think it's pretty clear by now that I love collectibles and figures even if I don't end up buying them. I love them when they re-think the character design, I love them when they're just statues or busts, and I love them when they're as detailed as this Fallout 4 figure.
It's a 1/6th scale Lone Survivor complete with T-45 Power Armor from the game. The detail is insane and the figure looks gorgeous. Honestly, I'd be happy if it was a collectible that you just put on a stand and let it hang out on your desk. But the fact that ThreeZero went the extra mile for this figure puts it above and beyond what I could have imagined.
The paint job is obviously well-done. But the thing that I really get a kick out of is the way the headlamp on the helmet actually turns on. This is pretty much a useless feature if you're one of those weirdos who doesn't play with their toys after they buy them. I could imagine younger me being extremely excited about playing with this thing just because of that silly headlamp.
The other really fucking awesome thing about this toy is that the T-45 Power Armor can be taken off the Power Armor Frame. And it's not only because they wanted to be extremely detailed with the figure. Eventually, ThreeZero will be putting out additional Power Armor types that you can snap on to this figure.
Even though it's about 4000 Caps (or 400 Hard Earned American Dollars I realized after doing some simple maths in my head, trust me this is real), it still seems likes something someone with a disposable income should purchase. That basically means, I won't be buying this thing but maybe you will. Who knows? I'll continue to sit here and look at the pretty pictures of it.
the level of detail in this thing is amazing. but unfortunately, I'm not a crazy rich person so this will never be a thing of mine.
@paulisadroid The pricing of these things is why I just like staring at the pictures. It's (almost) as if the figurine is sitting on my desk. XD
@InVinsybll Give us your soul and we at Droid Corp can make you a crazy (rich) person.