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We all love to speculate here.

But some fan theories are just ridiculous (though nothing can top the actual ending of Lost). Well, it's Saturday night and it's time to let your inner weirdo loose! What's the most BIZARRE Marvel fan theory you can come up with? Bonus points for being totally batsh!t
Johnny storm is captain america's biological son. Bucky's sister is Iron man's biological mother.
@BeannachtOraibh I actually saw a theory that Stan Lee has been playing the Watcher in all the movies so this one is more than a little weird for me haha
Marvel and D.C. Are actually alternate realities of each other scattering heroes and villains in twisted new ways. Some stand the corse of justice (Batman/Ironman, Hawkeye/Green Arrow) while many fall to ruin and chaos (Superman/Hyperion, Deadpool/Slade, Hulk/Grundy, Flash/Quick Silver) What if it was all a haze in which we fall to the illusion and create chaos from the consuming divide that befals us? What if it's all just one world with a while new point of view?
The Wikipedia article pretty succinctly sums up kirby's professional life and struggles with Marvel and DC, a lot of fans argue that kirby should have had as much fame and popularity as stan, he helped to create most of the modern cape genre of comics. As for the personal stuff, that's unconfirmed and I doubt we'll know the whole story, it's one of those rumors that has spread and stan has gone on record as saying that all of that stuff is between him and jack, and Jack is already dead.
@MichaelOgg They're two of Stan's creations, yes and that's why Jack dislikes them, I guess
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