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If I could choose one.... #5 is out! I definitely do not need a new member in BTS. They're perfect with 7. They balance each other out with their odd personalities lol. #4 is most definitely out. I don't want Kris, Luhan or Tao to come back to EXO. They're happy for goodness sakes. Kris is fam-ous in China and Luhan and Tao are rising fast there too. They're successful and love what they're doing now. I just hate the lawsuits that are going on. 파이팅 오빠! #2 out. Jessica's happy and motivated and running business smoothly. She's happy with what she's doing now. I don't think SNSD needs her back. And I don't want her to go back. It would probably be #3. I would love to go to Korea to death but I think I'll actually die by the time 2NE1 does come back. 2NE1 언니 빨리와!
Which would you choose and why?
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@DestinaByrd im use to cold, right now its cold where I live. It is cold on Korea now? 😮
@ParkMinRin13 nae haha
1 or 3, snsd doesn't deserve Jessica to come back