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K-Drama MCM Joo Sang Wook!!! <3

Never have I been super obsessed to a Korean actor as much as Joo Sang Wook! People need to know how awesome he is not only based on his acting, but also his looks and personality are everything!!! How blessed I am to have encountered someone as amazing as him and no one can ever replace him! X3

The Start of Everything

Goodness gracious...can't believe it's barely been two months since I knew that someone like Joo Sang Wook ever existed in this world! I probably wouldn't have survived if I didn't get to encounter his presence in the k-drama industry... T-T

Wolya in Queen Seon Deok

The first drama I ever watched starring Joo Sang Wook was in Queen Seon Deok. It's such a pity to not realize that he was in this drama until I found out later about it. For those of you who watched Queen Seon Deok, you have to be honest that everyone was so focused on people like Bidam and Alcheon more than Wolya, so it couldn't be helped. Although his role as Wolya did somewhat catch my interest throughout the drama, so I guess that was the start of my time when I became a fan! :3

Kim Do Han in Good Doctor

I originally watched Good Doctor for Joo Won and Moon Chae Won who are just superb actors/actresses and it was just exciting to think how they'll be acting together in this warmhearted drama! This is probably where my interest for Joo Sang Wook grew bigger and just wanted to watch more dramas starring him in it. Although I'll have to state the truth that his character as Do Han was a bit overboard the way how he treated poor Shi On who has autism, but at the end, they had such overload of cuteness with their bromance that it was so hard to contain all my feelings in one place! It was also cute to see a little love line with Sang Wook and Chae Won in the beginning of the film. How lucky of Moon Chae Won that Joo Sang Wook would choose someone like her as his ideal type! What do you guys think about that (although in the drama, it'll always be Moon Chae Won and Joo Won who had such amazing chemistry together!)?

Cho Min Woo in Giant

I honesty think out of all dramas I've watched starring Joo Sang Wook, Giant was the k-drama that best suited his acting. Giant is probably the start where his acting career was known throughout and his popularity drastically increased from then. I probably can't think of any other actor who can take on the role as Min Woo as Joo Sang Wook did. This role was perfect for him, and he acted Min Woo with no mistakes. I am super shocked that I never found this drama out until last month (came out 5 years ago), but it's better late than never. Not to mention, I think he had the best chemistry with Hwang Jung Eum (who played Mi Joo), and they were just soo kawai together! On top of that, he had a kid (Minwoo + Mijoo=Woojoo) in the drama and those good looks definitely comes from the dad! It's a shame that they didn't get more screen time as a family which I would really like to see, but at least they had their happy ending! Hopefully, we'll get to see Joo Sang Wook and Hwang Jung Eum act together again in the future as both of their acting careers are getting bigger and bigger! XD

Cha Jung Woo in Single Cunning Lady

This is the first rom-com k-drama I saw with Joo Sang Wook in it, and I never expected him to act out such a humorous character! Seriously, how cute can he get even with the mushroom wig on?! Everything he did just made me want to laugh and it totally made my day! Lee Min Jung (playing as Na Ae Ra) also did a really good job in carrying this character's role, and they did an amazing job filming this drama together! I think it really worked out that they were a divorced couple and it would show their progress how they learned from their past mistakes and eventually got back together. It was just too much when they showed all those flashbacks when they were married! :D

Han Tae Hee in Birth of a Beauty

Again, Joo Sang Wook decided to film another rom-com in the same year (2014) with Han Ye Seul (Sara/Sa Geum Ran) who is finally back in the acting industry from her long break! The story itself is a bit cliche with a girl who wants to lose weight to make herself pretty by getting surgery in order to get revenge on her ex-husband. However, the drama does show a lot of comedy from Sang Wook and Ye Seul's side, and I crack up everytime whenever they team up together as one. I will tell you that the comedy here is real!!! CX

Glamorous Temptation

Hopefully there was at least one drama here that you really enjoyed watching with Joo Sang Wook being a part of it! Now onto the real topic. Joo Sang Wook is currently filming in a k-drama called Glamorous Temptation and I really would like to know what everyone thinks about in this show so far. It's over halfway through the drama, but I would like to wait for all the episodes to come out, so I don't die from curiosity. It would be awesome to hear everyone's feedback not on just this drama he's currently filming in, but all the previous dramas he's acted in previously. I wish Joo Sang Wook the best in his acting career and that everyone becomes a fan of him! 사랑해 주상욱~ <3 <3 <3
Queen Seon Deok!!!! It's high on my list!!!!!
haha you picked a good drama for your first time watching Joo Sang Wook! It's his first rom-com k-drama there and he acts super good along with Lee Min Jung...if I remember, the drama wasn't horrible comparing to others...if you watched emergency couple, it's pretty similar to that in terms of a divorced couple getting back together! :3
I'm currently watching my 1st drama with him in it called Cunning Single Lady and it's so good!
haha definitely! one of my top historical dramas out there! :3
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