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You Vote: Chanyeol or Taehyung?

Yes, oppa is disguising himself... but who is it (Chanyeol/Taehyung)?

Comment what you think down below!!

(Although the creator is 'btsinmeme', you never know! It looks like Chanyeol to me...
(Sorry that I've been on hiatus for quite a while... I promise to post more now on!)
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yeah I think it looks like v -- the ears are too small to be chanyeol. and I don't think chanyeol would wear something as "cute" as that
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actually he owns a mask like that
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Yup--this mask is actually Chanyeol's mask, and he wears it a lot, especially during transport. @harukachiharu @shelbyhusband
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It's Taehyung Bcz Chanyeol's ears aren't pierced
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