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Scrolling down my Facebook feed, I saw another thing again. That thing was a video of someone huffing-and-puffing about fat people. The fat-hating videos continue to roll in, each of the being more angry than the next.
And I think to myself: who the fuck cares? And why are so many people so angry about the rolls and chub rubs between someone’s thighs? Why does it matter if some people likes to bathe in doughnuts and sugar, and top it off with chocolate syrup?


I just want to know why so many people are concerned about the lifestyle of other people, if it doesn’t directly affect you? I could understand some vegans expressing anger regarding the over-consumption of meat because of the environmental and ethical concerns. I can understand being outraged about the injustices and mysterious deaths that occur behind the prison cells. But to be upset because someone is fat?
It's seems like some people are more disgusted about fat people, than they are child molesters, rapists, murderers, thieves, or the assholes of the world.
Maybe someone can enlighten me about the wrath people have about people who are chubby/fat/morbidly obese/round/thicker-than-a-snicker.

But as I say often to myself: there are some things that maybe I am not meant to understand.

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I don't get it myself. For some of it I think is a form of self hate. I have a friend who is disgusted by anyone who is overweight. That's probably part of the reason why our friendship isn't what it was at one time.
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@shannonI5 there are a lot of diseases and sickness that can be prevented if you stay within a healthy weight range. If you have more body mass than your frame (skeleton) can handle it can weaken your joints and become a cause of arthritis. excessive weight and unhealthy eating habits can lead diabetes, high blood pressure, and more. Depending on your genetic makeup there are other factors that go into being over weight. I do agree that there is no fix all chemical cure for weight loss of the perfect body but I do believe we should be aware of what weight does to our systems. Exercise and healthy eating habits won't make people skinny ( in the conventional sense) it will just prolong their lives and improve the quality of it. Yes there are a lot of false studies out there about weight and size but at the end of day if your healthy and you don't wear a size zero ignore the far shamers and the fat is sexy group and just live your life.
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@SarahBethe4 there are actually some studies that suggest there are health benefits to being at a heavier weight! I'm honestly very skeptical of weight research because a lot of it is sponsored by weight-loss pharmaceutical companies. The link between weight and diabetes or heart disease for example is not as strong as we once thought. Nor is the link between a healthy diet and weight (which is why some people can eat burgers and fries all day and remain quite petite, while others can eat a low carb veggie diet and remain at a higher weight). I'm not saying people shouldn't eat healthy. I'm saying that there's a huge cultural bias against fat people and it's based on bad science. In the meantime, doctors are using it to prescribe diets that don't work and can actually cause serious health problems.
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I wonder what is a healthy weight? For example, I eat very healthy, I meal prep, I eyeball my caloric intake, consider my macronutrients, exercise regularly, run, and lift weights. However, according to some standards, I am overweight (or what i like to call thicker than a Snicker ;) ....And let's say it's scientifically factual that all fat people are unhealthy. I still can't wrap my head around why people feel the need to get crazy about other people's lifestyle when it doesn't affect them personally?
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@shannonI5 We agree on the weight research. I have heard of benefits for a heavier weight everything from better sex lives to healthier pregnancies. The same is being said on the other end about being tiny. Personally I am a heavier individual but I eat a healthy balanced diet and I stay active, so I know there's not much of a link. I am not promoting the weight loss industry, everyone should find their healthy weight and lifestyle that will help them live a fuller life.
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