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The Jets were a mess two years ago, but things made a huge turnaround in 2015.
Sure, the team missed the playoffs by one game, but jumping from 4-12 to 10-6 is nothing to sneeze at. One of the big reasons the team was able to right the ship was the solid play of quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick. In 2014, the Jets were a mess at quarterback, but Fitz stepped in this year and took this team to another level.
Now that the season is over, Ryan Fitzpatrick is facing free agency. The Jets have a tough choice to make: do the re-sign Fitz, go with Geno Smith or nab a signal caller in the 1st round?
The team expects to open negotiations with the quarterback's agent "in the very near future," general manager Mike Maccagnan said Friday morning in an interview on WFAN radio.
Fitzpatrick helped the Jets to a 10-6 record, setting the franchise record with 31 touchdown passes, but he may have hurt his value with three interceptions in the final quarter of the season finale.The Jets may see Fitzpatrick as a bridge quarterback, a two-year guy who can hold the job until an heir apparent is ready to take over.
The problem is, Fitz has a very up and down past with his play. For stretches in previous years he was solid, in others he was below-average. The Jets are in win-now mode and can't afford a hiccup. Fitz is also 33, so his lifeline isn't too long. It has been noted that Fitz could command 10-12 million a year from the Jets. Is he worth that type of money?

Should the Jets make a long-term commitment to quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick?

They definitely don't need to go back to Geno Smith
@kyleberke I agree, his entire career has been a lot of ups and downs, which is why I wouldn't blame the Jets for maybe drafting a qb in the 1st round or even making a play at Robert Griffin
@chrisSantiago Well the Jets are in a tight spot as Chris Ivory and Ryan Fitz are Free agents. Good thing is that there are a couple nice qbs or rbs that they may be able to grab at their draft spot. I think Ezekial Elliot from Ohio State or Henry from Alabama would be good rbs to grab here
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