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The Bucs didn't make the playoffs this year, but the league's worst team in 2014 is heading in the right direction.
Tampa Bay improved it's record to 6-10 last year, and was in the game for many of their losses. While the addition of Jameis Winston at quarterback has helped the team a lot, a rejuvenated Doug Martin also played a pivotal role in the teams wins this year.
With free agency now looming for Martin, should the Bucs re-sign him or look elsewhere?
Doug Martin had his best season since his rookie year in 2012. A year after gaining only 500 yards, Martin was one of only two running backs to pass 1,200 rushing yards, gaining an absurd 906 of his yards after first contact. One could argue that Martin was the best player on Tampa Bay this year and probably the most improved player in 2015.

Should the Bucs re-sign running back Doug Martin?

No real opinion on this. @ChrisSantiago
I've never really seen him play so idk
Yes they def should re-sign him. I feel like he was one of the reasons why the Bucs were able to improve so much.
I think they definitely should. There are so few franchise workhorse running backs out there that they can't afford to let him go. They also have too many other issues to address, and keeping him means they don't need to worry about their backfield.
@tylerdurso Well I think if the Bucs want to head in the right direction, I think re-signing Martin only makes sense because that's one less position they have to draft and develop. Having a solid running game is the best way to protect a young qb in my opinion