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With the 20th anniversary of the retiring of Jackie Robinson's number on the way in 2017, many people are wondering: what about Roberto Clemente?
There's no doubting his impact on the game, so the question must be asked: what's taking the MLB so long in regards to retiring his number for all-time?
Clemente died Dec. 31, 1972, when the plane in which he rode -- with relief supplies for Nicaragua earthquake victims -- crashed into the waters just off San Juan shortly after takeoff.
Clemente will always be regarded as pre-eminent among players of his era and of Latin America, because of how well he played, collecting 3,000 hits in his career, but also because of the way he handled himself off the field. Clemente got a lot from baseball, but he constantly gave back to his fans and people in need across the globe. The light shined on Clemente opened the doors for many Hispanic baseball players today.

Should The MLB Retire Roberto Clemente's Number?

Jackie is the only League wide retirement. There is lobby for Clemente but some feel that since Jackie opened the way for all people of color that he should remain the only league wide retire. Personally I think Clemente did more in his personal life to promote baseball and goodwill than most players ever have or will.
@mchlyang I think Clemente is one of those rare cases which I wouldn't mind the league retiring his number across the board. For many, he is considered the face of baseball for many people in the Hispanic regions. He also did a lot of good for the community. Also, with the influx of Hispanic players over the past 20 years, you could argue he influenced alot of those guys
@straightshooter it is normally up to the team to retire a number for a franchise. But in this case, with a player of this magnitude the MLB can make this a leaguewide standard.
@straightshooter will I think they are talking about retiring the #21 on all teams in the MLB. Very few players receive this type of honor, but Clemente has done a lot for baseball as one of the faces of the MLB amongst many Hispanic countries, I think the league should consider this for sure. It also helps that he was a very good baseball player
until they retire # 3 for the Babe there should be no other number retired or even discussed... Not just for the fact that he is by far the greatest player to ever play the game He single handedly saved the Baseball after the Black Sox scandal
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