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Blizzard Jonas hit the NYC area over the weekend, bringing 27 inches (almost 70 cm) of snow – and a big surge in dating app use!
Happn, a hyperlocal dating app that lets you virtually connect with people who have crossed your path in real life, saw messaging surge by 139% and likes by 66% during the snowstorm. New user signups were up 43%.
That's definitely not bad for business! I wonder if anyone met their soulmate thanks to all the snow? :D
How does Happn work?
Just in case you're curious, Happn (one of the few dating apps I actually HAVEN'T tried) works a little something like this. As you walk around, the app uses GPS tracking to show you people you've crossed paths with (from what I can gather, basically people who have passed within a 250m radius of you).
It'll tell you things like whether you've crossed paths just once or multiple times, shows you where exactly you bumped into each other, and gives you basic details like photos, name, age, and job.
From there, it works like Tinder – you "like" each other, and if it's mutual, you can start messaging. Seems easy enough – and like a good way to start up a virtual conversation with that cutie across the bar!
Then again... you could just use my guide to approaching girls. ;)
Source: CNN
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@nicolejb oh absolutely! I agree! It's something about the companionship, I'm sure; just knowing someone is near, perhaps?
2 years ago·Reply
For me it's knowing that someone else is sharing that moment with me. We can go back and talk about that movie, etc. @ButterflyBlu quality time is kinda my love language though.
2 years ago·Reply
@nicolejb YES!! Mine too!! I don't need things, but I do value the time that we spend together, the in-jokes, memories, "US STUFF"...that's important to me. So so so important. Even if we're doing nothing, we're doing it together. <3
2 years ago·Reply
Exactly @ButterflyBlu inside jokes and shared experiences are my thing too <3
2 years ago·Reply
@nicolejb it's the little things! ^_^ 💜
2 years ago·Reply