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It's time to get to know this amazing hero.

Black Panther will be making his cinematic debut in Captain America: Civil War this year before headlining his solo movie in 2018. And if you're not excited yet, you should be. T'Challa is an incredible hero and the upcoming movie has every reason to be awesome. But if you're new to the character, here's a comic that might help you get started on your road to ultimate excitement:
(No, Namor will not be getting a phase four movie).
Awesome backstory: Check!
Amazing adventures: Check!
Character development: Check!

And that's not all the good stuff either!

He was one of the first major black comic book heroes, and the upcoming movie will be Marvel's FIRST solo movie about a nonwhite character (I know, they're late). The question now is... do we have any new Black Panther superfans out there!
And for the fans that have been there all along: Are there any comics that you'd recommend to the newbies? @Boggleman @OctoberHymns @DonovanMoore @BeannachtOraibh @kneelb4zod @ComicGeek94 @DarthRevan @AimeeH @lanejlzero @Bakuman247 I trust your recs ^_^
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