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If you want to be tagged let me know. I'm not exactly sure what direction this story is taking at the moment but it will start as Nery/Jimin and progress to Nery/Yoongi. How many parts? I'm not sure yet but I'll be posting this on my Asianfanfic account too, for easier reading. Give me feed back? Thanks everyone!
"You're fucking wild.." Jimin's voice cracked slightly, hoarse from the night's activities. He was naked save for the sheet tossed haphazardly over their bodies. Nery's twinkling laugher came from the other end of the bed where she was lying down by his legs, having collapsed back in exhustion after being on top of him for too long. "You're one to talk, tiger." Her laugh grew louder as his hands brushed over her smooth legs, tickling her slightly. How had it come to this? It was nearing 4 AM and Daenerys was laying in her bed with a man she'd met only two hours before he'd come to her place and almost literally pounced on her. After receiving the flirty text her cheeks turned crimson and she couldn't keep the wide smile off her lips. Grinning stupidly she replied to his text, offering to pick him up from his hotel. A few texts were exchanged before she was outside his hotel, sitting patiently in her little Kia soul, dark leggings and heels not doing much in the way of comfort but damn did she look good. He'd snuck out of the hotel room a little after midnight without disturbing anyone but Jungkook who was too sleepy to understand what was happening at the time. His smirk was cocky and proud on his lips as he slipped into the passenger seat, his gaze trailing over her body before meeting her eyes. The ride back to her place was filled with playful chatter and sly inuendos about what they planned on doing to each other that they slipped into the conversation at almost every point they could. Their flirtatious behavior just felt natural to both of them and they didn't feel too shy about anything they said. Maybe it was because they both knew soon enough Jimin would be back in Korea, not giving them enough time to be shy or take things slow. She could lie and said she 'wasn't that type of girl', that she wasn't one to bring strangers to her apartment for one night stands but honestly, what was the point? She was an adult. If she wanted to sleep around then damn right she was going to sleep around, she had no qualms about her sexuality or at least that's the pep talk she gave herself as she drove and his hand found its way to her thigh. His hand squeezed her thick thigh, his thumb rubbing soothing circles into her skin as his hand inched dangerously up her thigh. This was just as exciting for him as it was for her as in Korea he was too well known to be able to pick up girls. It was far too easy as he had a crowd following his every step, practically begging for him. And when he did flirt it was met with shy giggles and the oh so boring " Stop oppa, you're making me blush~". That's not what he wanted. He wanted a girl with a sharp tongue that he could play with before having her and the way Nery had teased him in front of his friends showed him she was willing to play with fire. And the sadistic part in him was just itching to burn her. Before either of them could process what was happening they found themselves in her living room, struggling out of their shirts as their lips crashed together in angry, needy kisses. Both of their touches were too rough, clawing at each other with great demand despite having no real need to rush through this. They could take their time. They could go slow and sweet, gentle kisses along heated skin but that was neither of their styles. They prefered the rougher more adventurous, passionate one night stand. Jimin was cocky and wanted her to ache for days after he was finished with her and Nery was greedy, wanting nothing more than to get off, leaving her fingernail marks trailed into his back. They went at it for hours like animals and it was loveless. Pure lust and attraction as they used each other for their selfish purposes, void of all affection and care. She didn't mind pulling his hair hard enough to make him yell out in pain and he didn't care that his slaps had left dark palm marks on her thighs and bottom. Three hours later they found themselves in this position, laying over each other with nothing but a thin sheet covering them from the chilly room as they teased each other about the event. "Don't expect breakfast when we wake up." Her playfully sleep voice warned him as she moved to lay beside him, resting her head on the pillow. "What kinda one night stand are you? So mean. You won't even give me cereal?" He gave her an expecting look, slinging an arm around her waist only to fondle her butt. "Here in the states you're expected to sneak out before I get up and here you are begging for cereal? You really are a child." She sticks her tongue at him and he resists the urge to bite it. "Hush and sleep, I'll get my breakfast one way or the other." She rolls her eyes at his words but listens anyway, too exhausted to fight him much longer. She turns to face the wall and Jimin hugs her from behind. They both fall asleep soon after, their breathing in sync with each others as they dream. The next morning or really just a few hours later, Daenerys is slowly awoken by the sound of her name being called. The voice was playful and sweet and she didn't have to open her eyes to know it was the man from last night. She tried to change her position but her eyes shot open when she found his hands holding her legs in place. "Morning beautiful." Jimin wore a devious smirk, looking up at her from between her legs as both were thrown over his shoulders and his strong hands held her thighs. "Jimin?" Her laugher lit up the room. "What are you doing?" His lips gently traced her inner thigh, his eyes on her's the whole time. "What do you think? I'm having breakfast." _________________________________________________________________ After they'd both had their 'breakfast' Daenerys dropped him off at the hotel. In the car they kissed passionately as if this was the last time they'd ever speak but deep down they both knew this wasn't they end. She wouldn't be able to forget the boy that blew her fucking mind and he wouldn't forget the girl that gave just as much as she took. They were on each other's minds for the rest of the day and every little thing had them blushing or smirking often earning them a raised eye brow or questioning glance. When Jimin finally sauntered into his hotel room, all six of his friends looked up art him, letting out sighs of relief. "Where were you? You didn't even leave a note!" The leader, Namjoon stood up and pulled Jimin by his ear to a seat. He winced in pain but followed along quickly. "I'm sorry! I couldn't sleep.. I went out to get breakfast." Suga and Jin's heads snapped up. "Food? What did you get? Did you bring any back?" Jimin's cheeks turned pink and he resisted the urge to smirk. "Sorry hyungs, I got lost and couldn't find anything." He didn't like to lie to his friends but he knew he'd never hear the end of it if he admitted to hooking up with their waitress. Yoongi grumbled and collapsed back into bed. Namjoon scolded him for a bit before suggesting they go out together to eat. 3 hours into her opening shift, Daenerys was once again alerted that she'd been sat. "7 top at table 13, baby girl." A short girl with long blonde hair and a bright smile broke the news. "Thanks Nicki, I'll be right out." The blonde winked at her and Nery grinned, patting her butt on the way out of the kitchen. Her and Nicki had had a few one night stands, as a lot of waitresses there did. Damn that was a good night, but even that didn't compare to her night with Jimin. She made her way to the table, immediately recognizing the seven boys from the night before. A bright grin was plastered on her lips. "Hey guys. How are you today?" They looked up to her, all having kind smiles except the orange haired boy. He looked at her like she was prey, something for him to devour. She felt less like a server and more like the food she served. "I so so hungry.. need food.. feed me." V spoke in broken English but she understood perfectly as he rubbed his stomach. "Same drinks as last night?" She smiled as each of them nodded and she went off to get their drinks, already feeling familiar with their habits as if they were her regular customers. After cashing out her other two tables the lunch rush ended leaving her with only her seven boys to pay her attention to. "So Jungkook, how much longer till you get a new passport?" Her fingers tousled his hair and he grinned playfully. "Trying to get rid of me so soon, noona?" She blushed at his wording, only being a few months older than the maknae. "Of course not, I'm just curious about how much longer I'll be seeing your cute faces around here." "Our manager said it should be here in about three days, as long as there are no delays." Hoseok answered, his cheeks full of food causing Jungkook to grimace. "Three days?" Her eyes immediately caught Jimin's and both of them smiled knowingly. "Three days.. alright. Well, if you guys need anything or get lost around town let me know, I'll come rescue you." She winked playfully, sitting on the edge of another table close to theirs. "We would need to get your number though, noona" Jungkook's playful smile aimed at her stopped when Jimin smirked. "I already got it." Her cheeks turned a light pink as everyone gave her and Jimin odd looks, except Yoongi. He knew his dongsaeng too well. He'd seen him staring at Nery the night before and he knew that Jimin was surely not out getting breakfast so early this morning. He chose to say nothing now but would definitely warn the orange haired boy later when they were alone, BTS was doing too well right now for Jimin to get caught up with girls and possible scandals. He knew the younger was far too rough with his women which always lead to Yoongi having to awkwardly cover for him and beg girls to keep quiet. He didn't want to have to do it again with Nery as she seemed pretty sweet. "How-" Jungkook's voice died down as he caught Yoongi's gaze and Nery felt like she was going to die of embarrassment. Luckily, V broke the awkward silence as he happily called out, "I want dessert! Jin, what should we get?" The conversation steered back to normal and she felt a little more relaxed, Jimin's smirk never left his lips though even when he felt Yoongi glaring into the side of his face.
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