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First things first, thanks to everyone that is supporting my story. It really means a lot to me.
On another note, for some reason, Vingle erased a small part of the ending in the previous chapter, so I will post it here.
("Woah! Congratulations! How come you didn't call Isa first? Did You miss me that much?" He said smirking.
"Ha! You wish! you see Isa's birthday is today and, as usual, she doesn't want to celebrate it" I said kinda annoyed with my best friend for letting her past destroy her life. "And that my friend is where you come in," I said smiling deviously.
"Where do we start?" he replied, also, smiling deviously.)
If you haven't read the previous chapter or you're new to the story here are the links.
>>Isa's POV<<<
My meeting finally ended about an hour ago. I got on time, which is a relief, and I got the scholarship. So far it's been a good day even though it's my birthday. Yes, yes it is my birthday. And no, do not wish me a happy birthday. I won't allow you to. The reason behind it? Well, you don't need to know that just yet. Just know that I hate celebrating my birthday ever since that day.
Right now, I'm at a coffee shop enjoying my coffee. I sent Namjoon a message letting him know. He texted back with a "I'm on my way."
*Beep* *Beep*
"I'm outside" - Namjoon Oppa
I grabbed my coffee and headed outside to meet with Namjoon. When I got out of the coffee shop, I saw his car and made my way towards it. Inside was Joonie texting on his phone. I entered the car. As I got in, Namjoon hide his phone. 'Weird' I thought. He smiled and asked if I was ready to leave. I nodded.
I was too engrossed watching the cars pass by that I hadn't realized I had no ideal where we were going.
"Oppa?" I asked.
"Where are we going?"
"Oh! I'm taking you to the dorms to meet up with the guys" He said smiling.
"Oh..." that's all I said.
I didn't want to go. To be honest. I just wanted to stay in the hotel room. Don't get me wrong, I love the boys, I just wasn't feeling okay. Sure, it was my birthday. That doesn't mean that it's the happiest day for me. On the contrary, it's the worst. Like I said, I hate celebrating my birthday. At least, the boys don't know it's my birthday. You may be wondering, why didn't Namjoon said happy birthday. No, he didn't forget. He wasn't allowed. Ever since that day, no one was allow to. They tried changing my mind though. It didn't work.
"We're here," Namjoon said, interrupting my train of thoughts.
>>>Namjoon's POV<<<
"Where do we start?" I said smiling deviously. I'm glad Bonnie is here. I wanted to celebrate Isa's birthday. She is 21 years old now, and she still refuses to celebrate her birthday. All because she keeps blaming herself.
"Okay! First we need the members' help." Bonnie said smiling. She's really excited. I've missed her. I should've called her more often. "And for that, I will need your help," she continues.
"I'm listening," I said.
"Okay! First, call them and tell them to meet us at the dorms," she said.
Once we were at the dorms, I introduced Bonnie to my members.
"Guys, this is Bonnie. Mine and Isa's best friend! Bon this is bts." I introduced. I watched as she shyly said hello to all the members. The guys smiled at her and introduced themselves. They all had happy and curious faces. They're probably wondering what is she doing here and why did I call them up.
"Okay! the reason for calling you here is because today is Isa's birthday." I said looking at the members expressions. Most of them were surprised by the news. I wouldn't have expected anything else from them. I mean they did saw her this morning and I didn't even say happy birthday to her. I tried. During the car ride, I was about to tell her but she didn't let me.
"Yess, it's her birthday," Bonnie answer for me. "She doesn't like to celebrate it, which is why you guys didn't know. However, I'm here to change that. She just turned 21 (American age) and I can't let her not celebrate it."
"What she said," I said agreeing with Bonnie. It's true she can't just not celebrate her 21 birthday.
"However, because we know the reason for her not wanting to celebrate her birthday we won't do something big." Bonnie continued, now explaining her plan. "Instead, we will do a small gathering with only people she always wanted to be with. Since her mom can't be here I decided to just do it with close friends. That will obviously include Namjoon and me. However, she has always wanted to meet certain people and I'm planning for her to do just that." She stops to make sure that she has everyone's attention.
"Bts is the first one she wanted to meet." That received a lot of grins from the members. "Second, was GOT7, more specifically Jackson Wang." She smiled.
"I already called Jackson and he said he will come with the members, except Junior since he's filming a movie. He will try to make it, though." I said earning a smile from Bon.
"Perfect! I decided to do a sleepover because that what we usually do so it won't be burdensome for her. Now we just need to figure out where to do it." She said while thinking of a place to do it.
"Why don't we just do it here?" Jin interrupts her thoughts. "Either way, all of us are going to be there so might as well do it someplace safe and comfortable"
"Would you guys mind?" She asked looking at every member for approval. All the members just smiled and shook their head to show that they don't mind at all. I smile in gratitude at them. They barely know Isa, yet, they're willing to give up their house to celebrate her birthday. How did I get so lucky?
"Awesome!" She beamed. "Now we should go grocery shopping and get everything ready," she said and then started mumbling stuff to herself. I smiled at the sight. She always does that. However, it looks like I wasn't the only one staring at her. Hoseok was staring at her with amusement in his eyes. He noticed me looking at him and gave me a questioning look. I shook my head and left to talk to Jin but I didn't miss the small blush that rose to his cheek.
"Thank you, Jin! For helping us!" was the first thing that I said.
"Don't worry about it, you know I see her as a little sister," He said waving me off. I smiled at him. I know he saw her as a sister, but he still does not know why she doesn't celebrate her birthday. And as much as he wants to know he understands that is up to her to tell him. When will that happen? I have no idea. I wish I can help her. I do. But she won't let me, I guess this is something that she has to do on her own. As much as it pains me to see her like that I have to be patience. Hopefully, one day I can have my Izzy back.
We are now standing in front of dorms, and I think I haven't been this anxious since my debut. Isa is standing right next to me while I search for the keys to open the door. Once I found them I got, even more, anxious if that was even possible. I opened the door and everything was dark. Isa was following me close behind and I went to turn on the lights.
Just as I turned on the lights everyone screamed "Surprise!"
Isa gasped at the sight.
>>>Isa's POV<<<
I gasped at the sight in front of me. Every bts member was standing with smiles in their faces and a pillow in their hand. The dorm, as it appears, was decorated. The were a bunch of pillows in the living room, it looked so comfy that I just wanted to throw myself in it. In front of the Tv was a table full of snacks, some of them my favorites, and some I have never seen. I was so overwhelmed that I hadn't noticed Bonnie coming out from behind the guys. Once I did, I couldn't help from tearing up.
Bonnie noticing my tears embraced me while telling it was okay. Oh! how have I missed this girl!
"Shhh, It's okay. I'm here now." She soothes me. And I cry harder. Everything that I have been building up is being released. Every time I felt like crying but told myself not to. Every tear that I held in front of my mother to appear okay. Every waking moment I blame myself for what happened. Every time I regret being alive. Everything is coming out now. I cried and cried until I couldn't anymore. All the while Bonnie held me in her arms. I let go of her to look at her face. I noticed all the members moved someplace else to give us space.
"How come you're here?" I sniffed.
"Why? Disappointed?" she joked chuckling lightly.
"Ya~" I whined hitting her arm. She just laughed at me.
"Well, if you must know, I got accepted to Seoul University and I'm here to surprise you!" she smiled brightly. "Besides, I couldn't miss your 21 birthday! You can finally get drunk!"
I laughed. 'This girl'.
"Ya~ You're still not allowed to drink young lady!" I scold her smiling.
"Me? What do you mean? You know I don't like drinking... but you sure as hell can use a drink." She said smirking. Well, she's not wrong. I really could use a drink.
"Let's go! Everyone's waiting for us." She said dragging me where the guys where.
"Here we are~" She sang as the guys noticed us entering the room. I smiled at everyone slightly embarrassed for crying in front of them. They all smiled back. Namjoon gives me a concerned look and I just smiled at him letting him now that I was okay. He smiled back. Before anyone can say anything the doorbell ring. Namjoon went to open it.
I heard his voice before I could even see him. I froze in spot.
"Isa?" He asked surprised to see me there. Well, he's not the only one.
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