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With the cap going up and free agency looming, Kevin Durant has a huge off-season waiting around the corner.
KD is one of the elite players in the world. At 6'9, he blends crafty ball handling with a killer jump shot better than many in the history of basketball.
Offers will come left and right for Kevin. It will be hard to pry him away from Oklahoma City, who have a great young core and tons of money available to re-sign him. With that being said, one surprise team is looking to cash in their ticket to the KD Sweepstakes: The Brooklyn Nets.
While the Nets are struggling at the moment, there's a lot of things to like about this franchise.
1-The Nets have a brand new stadium in Brooklyn and their looking to push a new star player as the face of the team.
2-Living in the media capital of the world will provide countless marketing opportunities for KD, which means more off-court money.
3-The Nets frontcourt core of Thad Young and Brook Lopez are pretty good. They would play perfect role players for Durant. They also could guard the teams bigger guys, which means less toll on his body defensively.
4-The Nets have a lot of cap room available, which means they could sign another superstar next to Durant alongside the already solid cast of players they have on deck.

Should Kevin Durant Leave The Thunder For The Nets?

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And yes, what @Chrisingularis said. He and Westbrook make such a good team. They even train together during the offseason.
I'm a nets fan and I just don't see it happening
@bobs I think its a long shot for the Nets unless they acquire another star first
@mchylang I agree, I think his chances are better of winning a ring right now in OKC, but we also saw Melo pass on CHI and LA to play in NY due to location and money via ad deals.. so anything is possible
@Chrisingularis I agree, I think him and Westbrook are the best and most exciting duo in the NBA. Do you think there is a better one than those two?