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Rice and Beans

You're kinda basic, but you're the best kind of basic. Beans and rice is the perfect dish -- the two together make the complete protein. It's filling, has fiber, and it's comforting. You like things simple and straight to the point and beans & rice is exactly that.


You like variety. You like creating. You like tacos because you can do a hell of a lot of things with it. You might also be cheap, but there ain't nothing wrong with that. Who likes saving money AND eating good? *RAISES HAND*


At heart, you're a caveman. You probably do paleo, don't you? You like your meat and you like it often. Bring on the roasted pork! Ain't no room for those damn vegetables!


You're a party animal. After throwing back a few shots of tequila, you walk straight to the guac and chips and eat them until your belly cramps and you vomit green.


You like real dessert, not those nasty dried-out cakes. You have a fine taste for things, and one of those things happen to be sweet, buttery smooth, creamy, soft, and perfect.


You love to feel alive. You love freshness. You love the outdoors. You love all things colorful, distinct, and healthy.


You're the type of person who'd skip out on the fries for sweets, because ain't nobody got time for savory foods.


You believe in hard work. You know the importance of putting your all into something in order to get something marvelous.

Arroz con Gandules

You like to be around family and friends -- you love people. You even have mad love for your drunk, embarrassing tio.
? What if you can't choose??
Tacos are so me :)
yes I agree flan..
@alywoah It's sooo good! Definitely my favorite hispanic food, and one of my favorite desserts!
I think flan is one of very few desserts I loveeeee. Everything is perfect about it!! @ShinigamiSan
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