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@sosoaloraine23 Thank you for this fun little game with one of my Top favorite K-pop groups! @Baekyeol27 @luna1171 @ashrose33 @EmilyGardner @KhrystinaLee


Why does the sweet and most innocent one from the group have to be my bully. He couldn't even hurt a fly let alone a girl!


I'm so happy I got Jackson. He is so loving and I love funny guys. Plus he's a great dancer and singer/rapper!


lol I don't think JB could focus studying himself. But trying to teach me, I want to see that...


He's my tutor and detention buddy which I'd hilarious. I wanted him to be my boy but oh well, I'm happy with anyone from this group because I love them all.


I always pictured Mark to be my best friend because he seems like a guy I want to hang out with all the time.


I imagine Junior to be the smartest of the group because he gives off that vibe. Therefore he'd be a great partner.


You sneaky boy, I would've never thought Junior would be my secret admirer but I can see him being very shy.


Of course my Prom date would be my boyfriend, this was so perfect. I don't know how that happened but it did.

Jackson, Youngjae and Yugyeom

That's an interesting mix. My boyfriend, bully and a GOT7 member...

Mark and Junior

I have two cuties next to me, especially Mark. I love his smile!
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lol, Jackson is your prom date too?! oh girrrl.... we gonna have a throw down! 😜
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😂😂😂 @KhrystinaLee He's my boyfriend though...
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@biancadanica98 😂😂😂
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cool!!... but where is BamBam. .he should have been the bully..haha..JoungJae is a Seewthaert. ...I love it.. haha
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