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I remember when I first watched the first episode of Haikyuu and loved it. But then I strayed from it for a while. In school, we had days when we would read for half an hour. I had moved past my book days and started reading manga instead. (I read mine online btw, it's cheaper and quicker). Anywho, I suddenly remembered Haikyuu and that I had watched the first episode. So I found the manga on mangapanda.com and started reading and I fell in love right away. Haikyuu!! is my favorite manga to read (even tho I'm very far behind on it oops). It's about a volleyball fanatic named Hinata Shouyou who, after seeing a volleyball match that starred a small team member who served as what they called "A Small Giant," he wants to become the serving ace on a team in the Miyagi prefecture: Karasuno. Along the way he meets and makes friends with other volleyball team members, including an old rival, Kageyama Tobio, whom is the only setter that can match up to his speed. The both of them become Karasuno's greatest and fastest duo and help the team rise back up to the top. The rest of the manga is about the team and their matches, practice matches, and even the Spring High Preliminaries! So yeah that's Haikyuu!!, mostly just volleyball, funny antics, and some high school drama :) a good sports manga/anime to watch if you like humor and really cool and fast animation. Another reason I like to read Haikyuu is to find cool panels I can redraw and color :) below are some examples hehe
Karasuno Team member #2: Sugawara Koushi Or as I like to call him, Sugamama (he's practically the team mom lol)
More Sugamama♥ :3
And some without examples cuz I deleted them oops First three: Karsuno team member #10: Hinata Shouyou Fourth: Karasuno team members #4 and #11: Nishinoya Yuu and Tsukishima Kei Fifth: Team members #10 and #11: Hinata Shouyou and Tsukishima Kei Sixth: Team Member #5 Tanaka Ryuunosuke's sister, Tanaka Saeko Seventh: #11 Tsukishima Kei Eighth: #4 Nishinoya Yuu
@MajahnNelson I like to do both cuz then I get ahead of everyone else and threaten to give them spoilers >:3 XD I'm evil
@InVinsybll no prob :) also, you don't read anime just saying XD
@kawaiiporpoise lol yes. Yes you are 😂
I love this anime. I haven't read the manga though. I don't usually read the manga of anime I watch unless the storylines differ somewhat.
awesome dude! I don't really read sports anime but I have a few friends who keep telling me to get into them, and Haikyuu is one of them! thanks for sharing this :D