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Name and list powers!

Example :

Procrastination woman POWERS: can make you late to everything. Can make time slow so it does not seem like she is late but it never works

Keep it clean, I played this game on other blogs and I will say people are very creative and deserve a rating of NC 17 lol screw that rated XYZ lol
Captain Opposite Power he can do anything as long as it's the opposite of the action he is order to do. "quick stop that moving car!! Instead pushes it faster and soo on
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Merzicon, the band director. Power, to yell at his students to try to get them to practice over snow days, but he often fails for his seniors
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Key man....who can unlock any chastity belt with his mind. But don't tell Stacey @LAVONYORK 😉
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Ms. Match...Causes others to lose the second item of every pair. Sometimes can make objects of similar, but not quite identical, type appear.
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and his sidekick @inplainsight the boy wonder who loves peanut butter the way a ninja turtle loves pizza
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