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Make the worst you can! ✨ Marvel & DC Game ✨
Name and list powers!

Example :

Procrastination woman POWERS: can make you late to everything. Can make time slow so it does not seem like she is late but it never works

Keep it clean, I played this game on other blogs and I will say people are very creative and deserve a rating of NC 17 lol screw that rated XYZ lol
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Captain toilet powers: can control toulet paper and toilet water.
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anime girl!! Idk got nothing better so she watches as much anime as possible 24/7 and help otakus finding good anime lol
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nevrmind got another one shoe woman, makes sure everyone wears their shoes correctly and not use one shoe with a diff. one (happened to me last yr)
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yamcha.......... nuff said
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I don't have to arm fall off man is already a thing
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