(I have people misunderstand me so much in life, & a lot of you misunderstands me when I make cards like these. I have a learning disability, so sorry if you misunderstood anything about this card) Kim Namjoon! A Son! A Brother! A Rapper! A Leader! & Most importantly! A Human Being! He's my second bais right alone with Kookie, & even though Jimin is my UB, I wanted to make Namjoon my MCM instead of Chim! I know I say this on my other cards, but I'm going to keep saying it until I feel like I don't need to say it anymore! I don't feel like Joonie gets appreciate as much as the other Bangtang Boys do, & it's extremely frustrating! If Namjoon wasn't apart of BTS, I don't think BTS (For1) would even be a group! Jungkook became part of the group because of Namjoon! (&2) Nobody would be able to handle BTS like Namjoon! He help them accomplish so much (Especially since he speak English) they're able to do so much & meet so many people because of their leader! (TBH) BTS Wouldn't be where they're at without him! When people (Especially guys) get into BTS the first person they bais is RM! RapM cares for Bangtang like they're his brothers, & he would do anything for them! & he also care about ARMY so much! it's sad that he feels sorry for the ARMY that gets his his photocard in the mail! ps! BTS wouldn't be BTS without ALL seven of them. I wouldn't change BTS for all the Cookie n Cream candy bars in the world! I might do cards like this for the other members as well if I don't be lazy about it! #RapMonApplication Edit: Don't mind me. When I misspell I like to fix my mistakes!
Gosh, Namjoonie's dimple smile is so adorable! 😍😍❤️❤️❤️😳 Love it when he goofs around with the rest of the guys
@raenel Man Crush Monday (MCM)
@raenel No problem 👍🏽 I have trouble keeping up with those as well..
totally agree but one question what does MCM mean. I haven't heard that before.
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