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There are a lot of games that let you build stuff and make little homages to your favorite games. One of which is Minecraft, it's an obvious choice to make other games in that game, right? One game that definitely doesn't come to mind, for me anyway, is Halo 5.
I know that there's the Forge mode that, I think, lets you make your own maps. But I never would have thought that someone would go the extra mile and make another game in that game. I'm not too familiar with the Halo Forge stuff or the tools at your disposal but one beautiful soul decided to remake Peach's Castle from Mario 64 and it looks stunning.
The creator shared some images online where you can check out the map in closer detail. But at first glance, it definitely looks like a higher-res version of the old game. Normally, I'd be amazed at anyone recreating a map. I mean, you've seen my previous cards, I lose my mind at the things people do in Minecraft because I don't have the patience for it.
But then there's this. Where I just don't understand how they did it. It makes me get that weird little giggle that one gets when they see something they're really excited about even though they know that no one else in the world -- or their immediate physical presence -- will care about it.
I mean, look at this little Halo guy in all red. Like a little Halo Mario hanging out at the pipe. It's a beautiful thing that I want to share with people but I don't have friends or co-workers that care about this kind of shit. So, Vingle, I hope you care about this shit. Because it's super cool you guys, I swear.
Omg I have to download this they also have a McDonald's too
This is awesome! Now I need to know where I can get this map!!
I like this shit! Lol. I especially like the fact that the trees look like soccer balls on tree trunks! I wish I had the time to do stuff like this, cuz I definitely have the patience. I used to build stages in old Nintendo and SNES games, like Load Runner. If only stuff like this existed when I was a kid.
it is cool shit
SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! 馃槀Those poor goombas, though. Maybe stronger enemies like hammer bros., you bully! Haha! @paulisadroid
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