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I feel upset because this is kinda true for some people, and tbh I liked anyone regardless of race .. So for someone who's Asian to feel this way it kinda hurts me πŸ’”πŸ’”
He also wrote this and it's also very heartbreaking.. 😞😞 Le tags 😞😞 @jiyongixoxo @kpopdeluxegirl @tinathellama @isolate
I found out a few things about Korean culture and I was actually fascinated by how they celebrate holidays and their special things. I love kpop and kdramas and I was asked by one of my friends that since I love Korean culture do I wish to be born one? And I said no, that I'm proud of who I was and that they don't need to ask me such a stupid question like that. seriously? Why would I want to be korean, so that I can struggle even more in school than I already do?, to eat with chopsticks because I think it's cool? Or face huge competition to earn a fucking scholarship ?, like no shut the fuck up! I would never want to be Korean because they are just like us just a bit different. They are humans just like us living in a human place and just like every single one of us they get hurt easily and have the same feelings same fucking skeleton. Honestly I think that this world disgusts me because of how racist these people can be towards asians. Like are u freaking serious? U don't even know the culture and you're already judging the way they speak, their bodies, eyes and actions. Hell just for saying they all look the same u are consider a racist because you just insulted people who are not even korean, chinese or Japanese but people who live in other Asian places like India telling them they all look the same. Like really? Do they all have the same body, skin color, facial features, style, and head shape? No so just stop.
see, ive always loved everyone regardless of nationality, so i dont understand racism. yes, i admit, i fall into believing some stereotypes because its all i hear all the time. but when i have to the chance, i look it up or ask someone to find the truth. i have done research on any contry ive been interested in and i acknowledge all the bad things too, not just good. ive always been that way. it makes me angry as well that some people just asume that another race is all sunshine and rainbows and love just because of a music video or something. just like with the country youre in, there are some good and some bad looking people, there are good and bad events, its how humans are. UGH i cant type all my thoughts out quick enough :/ i missed a lot of what i wanted to say.
@KpopQueenaBee @kpopdeluxegirl @otakukpopgirl @Jiyongixoxo @KhrystinaLee @TashiannaBostic @TashiannaBostic @PrettieeEmm @Isolate @deilig thanks for talking about this with me guys I kinda have a better understanding and I don't really feel as guilty anymore .. But I'm really surprised so many actually not only like this card , but they clipped it and also had the courage to talk about such a serious conflict.. ☺️☺️
I wanna give that kid a hug! he's awesome for saying all that and standing up for himself and his country. that's the best thing I've read on here all day! πŸ’œ
unfortunately yes some ppl are like that.. glad to say some of my best friends growing up were asian and my 1st boyfriend was too.. I wish ppl would look at Asian as humans and not the latest fashion
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