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(says softly reaching out ) Noo.... well great I'll just have all my school stuff in a suitcase instead...
not my bias but I'll take it!!! lol aha I guess we were meant to be....
(snorts and giggles like an idiot ) ahem..... being called Noona? I'll take it....
well at least we bad together ehe and well duh lunch detention
JR what did you do??? Oh no wait I eat lunch with 3 other dudes... that explains it aha!!
eeek the baby he'll still be the maknae but he better be nice to this Noona or else! .....too much?
well alright
Well that was interesting I pretty much love all of them but the hyung line is fav. ehe @sosoaloraine23 Was fun ^^ i got all of them for something oops distracted me a bit I'll go make food now Eeeeeh!
Omg this is so interesring~
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lol I know right instant fanfic right there @sosoaloraine23
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