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Hello and wecome to the next installment of my prequel fanfiction! I'm so glad you all are enjoying it. Onward ho!
JJ didn't take long to get through school. once he learned something, it stayed there, and he thirsted for knowlege. By his 10th birthday, he was already graduating Highschool, and would be starting college in the fall. He wanted to be a doctor. "I want to be someone he'd be proud of, Mommy" he'd tell his mother over and over, acing all his classes quickly and easily. He took 6 courses a semester, and he would have each book read, replied to and memorized by the second week. He breezed through his exams, making him the youngest person to ever graduate from NYU. JJ loved learning, and once NYU was done, he went on to medical school, with 4 different majors. Medical first, followed by psychology, obstetrics, and hemotology. "This is easy peazy momma. I'll be a doctor in no time!" he promised her, though at the time he was only 14. When JJ finally got his degrees, then came his residency. This was the hardest part of all his training. The other doctors looked down upon him because he couldn't even legally drive yet. "Momma, I want to help as manynpeople as I can!" he'd tell her, and Krystal would just grin and tell him how proud of him she was.
It was now JJ's 18th birthday, and Krystal was on an uproar. She worried he'd get drafted to the service as a doctor due to his many credentials despite his young age. It could happen to anyone in this day and age, just like if hadbtk his father! If her hair could have greyed, it would've been white as snow by now. "Momma, I wanna serve if I can. I want him to be proud of me." he told her as krystal bit her lips. She worried about him so much during this conflict, thinking that if she let him go, she'd lose him just like she had his father. Her own feelings aside, she wouldn't stop him. He was the most important person in her life, but she wouldn't stop him from fullfilling his dreams.
When the war in Vietnam was lost, a new threat arose. One she wanted to help fight in if she could. She had been hearing rumors of mutants banding together to stop one crazy mutant who wanted destruction. She knew that JJ would want to help as well, so she tracked the man down, one Charles Xavier. She would help in anyway she could, even ifbit was just combat training. JJ had also heard of this mutant, and he decided he would go to his mansion. What he found fascinated and allured him. Her name was Raven, and He wanted her to be his world. "Oh, hello! Charles isn't here if that's who you're looking for. can I help you?" the beautiful shape shifter asked, and JJ was speechless at her beauty. Why did she hide herself so? She was magnificent.
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