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To end January's MCM, I chose to save the best for last. My Top and #1 favorite K-Drama MCM is Lee Min Ho!


He is known for being really tall, approximately 6'2. He is the most popular male Korean actor and he is super cute and sexy. I love tall guys and his body isn't to bad either because he isn't to muscular and I don't like guys who are that muscular but I do like a little bit of abs.


Do I have to explain how cute his smile is? Well he has such a cute smile and my little fangirl heart can't take it because he's so adorable!


I love dimples so much. Therefore it makes Lee Min Ho 1,000x hotter.
I've seen Lee Min Ho in "Boys Over Flowers", "The Heirs", "Personal Taste" and "City Hunter" in that order. So, my way Lee Min Ho drama was Boys over flowers and it made me fall for him! My favorite drama I saw him in was "City Hunter" because he was so hot and he kicked butt in that role which made him so attractive.
Those were a few of the reasons I love Lee Min Ho, plus he can sing. He sang one of the OST's for "The Heirs".

MCM Fangirls!

just look at his body in the first are his legs so long?! how is he real!?
@kpopandkimchi @Kamiamon ..That because Bae is Asian God.. "Nanshen" (Male God) He was announced #2 on The 2015 Asian Nanshen ..He is perfect..haha.
@kpopandkimchi I was thinking that SAME thing about his legs, like 'how do you even walk on those precious beauties??!!!'
I love him so much!
@IMNII you can still do it..
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